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  1. Mirage 3/5

    The Third Wire store is still down for maintenance, so it is not possible to buy DLC at the moment as far as I know.
  2. I had the same issue trying to initially buy SF2 Europe several months ago, so I'm sure it will be back up before too long. Can't wait to get FE2 when it does come back online!
  3. Good news! Just recieved the email with the download link from Thirdwire. I guess it was delayed from the website being down or something, but at least it’s arrived now.
  4. Unfortunately the Download Center doesn't recognize my email address, and I still never received an email directly from Thirdwire with the download link. I know I put in the right email, because I did receive an email from PayPal. Guess I'll have to wait and see if Thirdwire responds over email or Twitter.
  5. I checked the PayPal email and it looks like there is a ten-digit code listed in the merchant details. I think that's the download code, but the download center link on the website is dead so I can't use it. Thanks for your help though, I'll try reaching out over Twitter.
  6. I hope not . . . I just purchased Strike Fighters Europe yesterday. I got an email from PayPal confirming the transaction, but I was never redirected to the download code/link for the actual game, and I never received an email from Thirdwire. I sent an email to their support email address over 24 hours ago, but have not gotten a reply back yet.

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