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  1. I had a similar problem when I first bought SF 2 Europe, but fortunately I received the email after several days and after that was able to access previous purchases just fine. I think it has something to do with the website, as this issue has popped up a few times. If nothing happens in the next few days, maybe try contacting TW through Twitter, which seems more active than email.
  2. Notice too that the flyable aircraft include the F-105 Thunderchief and the F-8 Crusader, which were not in the Windows 7 version of the original Strike Fighters. I bet we will see those two implemented into updated Dhimar vs. Paran campaigns where they weren't available without a bit of modding or campaign editing. Maybe I'm being too hopeful, but having both the F-8 and A-4 could be justification for carriers to be added into the vanilla desert campaigns too right off the bat. It always bothered me a little that the Navy F-4s and A-4s were just flying out of land bases in the vanilla game when there is a sea taking up half the map.
  3. It appears that Third Wire has announced on Twitter that it intends to start a crowdfunding campaign to develop a Strike Fighters 2 Windows 10 update. https://twitter.com/thirdwire/status/1169675936889020416?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twterm^profile%3Athirdwire|twcon^timelinechrome&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fthirdwire.com%2Findex2.htm
  4. Agreed. I am fairly impressed with the amount of detail put into it, especially for a mobile game.
  5. F-21 for India?

    I would definitely agree, but Lockheed seems to think it's possible, as evidenced the "India's Pathway to F-35" slogan they were using according to this article: https://www.businessinsider.com/lockheed-martin-unveils-f21-fighter-jet-to-compete-for-india-contract-2019-2 To be fair, the F-35 was partially intended for export from the start in a similar vein to the F-16. However, that doesn't mean we should sell it to everyone of course, especially considering India's tendency to purchase Russian equipment. Also, if the US does follow through and ban Turkey from purchasing the F-35 for purchasing the S-400, it would be hypocritical to turn around and let India buy the F-35, considering they plan on operating the S-400 soon as well.
  6. F-21 for India?

    I think the goal is to distance it somewhat from the F-16, since that's what Pakistan operates. Additionally, I think Lockheed Martin also mentioned that if the "F-21" is picked, it might open up opportunities for India to purchase the F-35 in the future, since the India-Russian FGFA has essentially fallen through.
  7. North Korea's underground hangar

    I think that the Mig-19s would likely be used for a limited CAS or strike role with a light bomb or rocket armament, as something like an A-10 or B-52 would probably have escorting fighters. ROK/US/Allied air defenses would also severely limit their effectiveness. Personally, I would be more concerned about North Korean SAM sites than aircraft. That is a neat picture though, I wonder what missiles they can equip. I would assume late-model Atolls.
  8. North Korea's underground hangar

    The underground hangars are certainly harder to destroy and require more effort, but I think that targeting them with specialized munitions wouldn't be too much more effort outside of other probably planned strike missions, like cratering the runway, destroying aircraft on the flight line, etc. The Mig-19 has always been one of my favorite Soviet-era fighters, but I doubt it would last long against modern aircraft assuming they got off the ground or assuming that most are still operable with the lack of available parts. The Mig-29s based near Pyongyang would likely give the most trouble, but we all saw how those were handled in the First Gulf War...
  9. North Korea's underground hangar

    Oh, I'd definitely be willing to bet most North Korean airbases have an underground hangar or storage of some type. A lot of them have airstrips built right up next to mountains and hills where they can hide their aircraft, and one even has a secondary runway right through a mountain. Here's a link with some really good info about some of their aircraft and airfield locations, as well as some underground hangars: https://freekorea.us/2007/04/29/the-north-korean-air-force-by-google-earth/
  10. Mirage 3/5

    The Third Wire store is still down for maintenance, so it is not possible to buy DLC at the moment as far as I know.
  11. I had the same issue trying to initially buy SF2 Europe several months ago, so I'm sure it will be back up before too long. Can't wait to get FE2 when it does come back online!
  12. Good news! Just recieved the email with the download link from Thirdwire. I guess it was delayed from the website being down or something, but at least it’s arrived now.
  13. Unfortunately the Download Center doesn't recognize my email address, and I still never received an email directly from Thirdwire with the download link. I know I put in the right email, because I did receive an email from PayPal. Guess I'll have to wait and see if Thirdwire responds over email or Twitter.
  14. I checked the PayPal email and it looks like there is a ten-digit code listed in the merchant details. I think that's the download code, but the download center link on the website is dead so I can't use it. Thanks for your help though, I'll try reaching out over Twitter.
  15. I hope not . . . I just purchased Strike Fighters Europe yesterday. I got an email from PayPal confirming the transaction, but I was never redirected to the download code/link for the actual game, and I never received an email from Thirdwire. I sent an email to their support email address over 24 hours ago, but have not gotten a reply back yet.

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