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  1. Bae HawkT1a Cockpit.7z

    I can tell by the rudder that it's the 2014 Red Arrows
  2. F/A-18 Korea (1997~Windows 95/98)

    How did you get the game on the Virtual box, I tried using my SD card but Windows 98 don't support it so I couldn't extract it over
  3. The Macchi Fighters of WW2, MC. 2OO, 2O2, 205 had one wing shorter than the other they were designed like that as to reduce the torque of the aircrafts
  4. SU-30SM

    Any chance of doing Sol 1 Mihaly's Su-30 from Ace Combat 7?
  5. S-32(test)

    Send out the Alect Squadron
  6. I wonder if it has kettle to make a brew
  7. Jet Provost.7Z

  8. SF2 DHC-1 Chipmunk Pack

    Beautiful Mate, Wrench do you plan on doing the Jet Provest or the Folland Gnat T.1 with the Red Arrows and Yellow Jack Skins, two classic iconic British Aircraft, I got the one A-team and the quality makes me cringe and just wondering if you plan on doing a better model, I know there are already Gnat models like the F.1 but they different models to the T.1
  9. Vulcan B2

    Don't let Capun hold your work hostage, what I've heard that he is a bit of an arse hole and he and his minions properly see this if so so be it
  10. Vulcan B2

    Rule Britanna! Rule the Sky!
  11. This Is Why You Research Things

    Don't get started on Ace Combat
  12. This Is Why You Research Things

    Well that's a shame because I thought BF3 was a flight sim well my bad
  13. I'm thinking about getting either game but for £28 I really don't want to spend that much on them without knowing what it is like plus a further £20 for the WOFF expansion, What is the performance can it play well on a low-med end laptop (even though they say not to get on a laptop), can it be played with keyboard as I am bit of a keyboard flyer and knowing that they are based on CFS3 and I know what hell it is to play Microsoft Flight Sim with keyboard since it is Joystick focused and just any other things I should know of

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