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  1. Windows 10

    1946's forest is just layers of sheets, I like making massive Battle of Britain dogfights over the channel with 40 aircrafts on each side, fps was playing
  2. Windows 10

    I got Il-2 1946 but it runs quite shit on my current laptop especially when flying over trees, ran smoothly when I had my Toshiba with Intel 3. This one has AMD A9-9420, Silent Hunter 3 runs well, the Anti Aliasing on SH3 with AMD works on 7 not 10
  3. Windows 10

    I got Windows 7 Home Premium, I've installed FE and SFP 1 they run well on 7 without the ENB Generic, so I might stay on 7 but being cautious doing so. Windows 10 is just a mess
  4. Even though Windows 7 support has ended, I'm still going to use it since some older games like SFP and First Eagles seems to run on 7 and not 10, Strike Fighters Project 1 for example is quite slow in the menu and has the ratio issue but on 7 it runs pretty flawless

    Got a poster of that typhoon on my wall from when I went to Waddington Airshow
  6. Windows 10

    Strike Fighters 2 runs smoothly on it's own, just don't Force DX9. Too bad Windows 7 is going to be dead soon. I'm running on Win 10 but I preferred Win 7. With this driver does it work with any other games I've tried it on SF Project as a try but doesn't work. First Eagles 2 is so much fun now that can play it I don't how can thank you enough .
  7. Windows 10

    You sir is God, Before finding this FE2 ran like at 1fps now it runs really smoothly, many thanks
  8. BAe Hawk T.1

    Smoke On, Go!
  9. Well this be an inclusive SCW mod for FE2?, I be interested since I've played the SCW mod on Il-2 1946

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