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File Download DC-8 Series by Veltro2k 1.0

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Douglas DC-8 series By Veltro2k


This mod features three versions of the Douglas DC-8 jetliner and historical skinsets from introduction in the early '60s through the mid '80s. A little something for eye candy around the airfields or to run intercepts on.


*DC-8 representing the original DC-8-10/20/30/40 versions with the quieting tubes on the exhaust
*DC-8-50 representing the final short fuselage version and JT3D engines without quieting tubes
*DC-8-60 representing two of the final new build versions with stretched fuselage.
*several historical skinsets for all models
*flight and nations ini edits to allow airliner nation and a spaced out in line formation


unzip and load into mods folder. allow merging


Known Issues
* The cockpit is the same pit as in all V2k's big jet planes. Not proper but the plane was meant for eye candy not regular missions
* The DC-8-50 model has a seam running along the spine. Until Veltro makes an appearance again this will be there. It is not noticeable at a distance
*This is a huge mod (4 1/2 GB) due to how i've made the skins, or specifically the tgas for the fuselage.It takes a bigger decal to paint the side of an airliner


Veltro2k original model
daddyairplanes skin and tga work, some ini edits
stratos, whiteknight06604 last chance, eyes on testing


I hope you enjoy this mod as much as i enjoyed making it


Kevin Unruh
aka daddyairplanes
28 Oct 2016


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Love the big planes...

as a HUGE fan of the 1960's era airliners, is there any chance you could make this for SFP1? or Modifiy for SFP1?

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