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  1. RAF '70 A-TEAM Buc S.2b Skinpack

    A-TEAM SF-2 RAF Buc repaint
    You need the A-TEAM 'BuccaneerS2B' model (an alphasim SF-2 porting) at ther site, to use this skinpack.
    All credits for the plane are for A-TEAM.
    I updated and reworked their skinpack and original SFX skin, too.
    The RAF '70 line UP is here with: 12, 15, 16, 208, 216, 237 Squadrons.
    Serial numbers (76) are historic but not divided by each squadron, because the planes very otfen change unit, so I put them togheter, deleting those belonged to RN only.
    I'll wait for Volker's Buc better flyng these. I hope You too.


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