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  1. Sukhoi Su-11 "Fishpot-C"

    The Su-11 was an upgraded version of the Sukhoi Su-9 ('Fishpot') interceptor, which had been developed in parallel with the OKB's swept wing Su-7 fighter bomber.
    Recognizing the Su-9's fundamental limitations, Sukhoi began work on the Su-11, which first flew in 1961 as the T-47 prototype.
    The Su-11 shared the Su-9's delta wing, swept tailplanes and cigar-shaped fuselage, as well as the circular nose intake, but had a longer nose to accommodate the more powerful 'Oryol' (Eagle; NATO reporting name 'Skip Spin') radar set.
    A more powerful Lyulka AL-7F-1 turbojet was installed, providing 9.8 kN (2,210 lbf) more afterburning thrust for improved climb rate and high-altitude performance (and to compensate for increased weight).
    The Su-11 can be distinguished from the Su-9 by the external fuel pipes atop the fuselage, aft of the cockpit.
    The Su-9's beam-riding K-5 missiles were replaced by a pair of R-98 (AA-3 'Anab') weapons, usually one R-98MR semi-active radar homing and one R-98MT infrared guided. Like many interceptors of the period, it had no cannon.

    WHAT'S IN:

    - old Pasko's SU-11 upgraded: canopy & shadow bug fixed
    - new Anab Missiles
    - 3 skins
    - decals, pilot, screens
    - sounds
    - loadout image tga


    - Pasko: Original SF-1 plane
    - Wrench: 1st SF-2 porting
    - Stary: pit
    - Spillone: new canopy, shadow fixing, Anab missiles & Sounds
    - (?) original decals
    - Paulopanz new skins editing, new canopy painting, decals reworking

    - All in mod folder

    PS: one of my favorite plane ever


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  2. Pasko's Su-9A/9B, Su-11 Fishpots for SF2

    Sukhoi Su-9A/9B and Su-11 Upgrade Pak for SF2 series

    A relatively large upgrade pak, with some relatively minor tweeks for Pakso's Fishpot series of Soviet Interceptors, for use with SF2 Series games, either stand-alone or full merged installs. As seen in the original Upgrade pak, landing lights have been added, and in this pak, canopies have been activated via a manual animation key (Shift/0). Landing gear rolling radi have been adjusted to make the aircraft sit a little more evenly in SF2. Afterburner effects have been swichted over to a stock, game supplied one. No other changes to the FM have been effected; there is the occasional 'burp' in it, but it flys and handles quite nicely, given the time passed from their Original Release ™.
    This package, broken down into individual folder for ease of installation, is the COMPLETE Package ™ of all 3 aircraft, and includes the changes from the WoE 08 Upgrade Pak. Mostly consisting of ini mods, that 'tweek' the data, and loadout inis, making them more usable in the SF2 series. Ordway's cockpits are also included, as is my 'instructional' text and jpg for use with the gunpods on the Su-11.
    This pack is designed to work with any, or no Weapons Pak, as Weapons ARE included, for those that don't have/use a weapons pak. PLEASE read the Notes below for some explainations of whyfores and wherefores, with reference to the Su-11.
    New 'generic' SF2-style hangar screens are also included for all 3 aircaft. Userlists have also been created, thereby limiting their 'deployment' only to the Soviet Air Force.
    This mod has been tested in SF2, Full 4-merged sims, at the May 2010 patch level. I haven't tested it in SF/Wo*, but don't feel there'd be any major differences, other than how the weapons are handeled. However, the landing gear rolling radui has been adjusted for SF2, and may need readjustment for 1stGens. The canopy fixes used here can be easily applied to the original 08 upgrade pak quickly, easily and with no problems.
    As always, it's reccomended to read this document through; there's some explainations along with the instructions as to why/how certain things were done. Also, for a full lisitng of Credits and Sources.
    Good Hunting!
    Comrade Wrench
    Kevin Stein


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