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SFP2 Israeli-modified Super Mystere Cockpit

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About This File

New SFP2 Israeli-modified Dassault Super

Mystere B.2 Early-Mid life cockpit for Wings Over

Israel2 (I could not get the SFP1 version to work

in SFP2 and had to start over again with SFP2).


Gages have been moved, eliminated and added. Bitmaps were added.

Color photos and cockpit diagrams of the Super Mystere were used as reference.


You need the Wings over Israel 2 for the

Dassault SMB2 Super Mystere.


Originally inspired by CA_Stary (photo-realistic

early to mid life additions added by Richard



version 1.0

June 07, 2010


You NEED SFP2 Israel and a previous SFP2 addon (with the F-100D Super Sabre) such as SFP2, WOV2, WOE2, to use it!


3D .LOD files not included!









CA_Stary for all his hard work to make the

brilliant basic Super Mystere B.2. in



Thanks to Frank Safrenek and Michel Gerard of

Mirage Aircraft of Flightsimulator.com for pics of

the Mystere IVA and Ouragan-many of which

carry over to the Super Mystere.




TK for Wings Over Israel2 and a bitmap image of

a Meteor battery gage.


Lexx_Luthor for his "Generic Cockpits:


applications to strategic air warfare" at Thirdwire

forums and cockpits MOVE editing discoveries.


Really great stuff there!


Wrench, for his tutorial about adding F-100D

cockpit to unflyable WOI 1 planes.

And suggestions to use Hun's pit in Super Mystere.







This is a modification of Thirdwire F-100D sfp2

cockpit to represent the Dassault Super Mystere

B.2 Early-Mid life cockpit.









The 3D F-100D base cockpit is NOT included! If you have any previous merged SFP2 installs,

you can just add the contents of this download to the Super Mystere folder and it should work.


If you have only the SFP2 Israel alone, then you need to extract the F-100 contents and add it to the

Super Mystere folder. It's two

minutes work anyway.

CAT File Extract Utility can be found at:




Included are ini files and all repainted textures.


1. Extract the archive to your C:

MydocumentsThirdwireWings Over

Israel2ObjectsAircraftSuperMystereB2 folder


2. Using the CAT File Extract Utility extract from

SFP2 the F-100D_PIT.LOD...and all the

other F-100 files if you want.


More precisely, from "ObjectData.cat" found in


directory extract the file:



-this file is the geometry of the Super Sabre

cockpit. It's core file and cannot be redistributed.




3. Copy this file into C:

MydocumentsThirdwireWings Over





4.That's it. Nothing more needed. Go flying!









The Dassault SMB2 Super Mystere was the

basic equivalent of the North American F-100

Super Sabre except smaller and much less powerful. It saw much air-air combat and gave

stellar value to Israel.


Over Saykal, the Israeli Super Mysteres

encountered a pair of Syrian MiG-21s and

although outclassed by the MiGs, shot both of

them down.


By the end of the first day of 1967 Six Days War

hositilities, Super Mysteres had destroyed 5

aircraft in the air.








In 1975, Israel sold 12 complete airframes and 6

sets of spares to Honduras. The aircraft were

involved in numerous border skirmishes with

Nicaragua and were finally withdrawn from

service in 1996.





Tactics: The Super Mystere has almost the same

thrust/weight t/w ratio as the F-100. It has a

noticeably lower wing loading than the F-100 so

can out turn it all other things being equal. It can't

climb as fast as the F-100-(Mike Spick, Illustrated

Directory of Fighters). Against the Mig-19 and

Mig-21 and MiG 23, try to out turn them.

Against the Vampire, Meteor, Mig-15, Mig-17 try

to do vertical yo yos while turning.


Legal stuff:


You can do whatever you want with this, as long as you don't include it in any payware package.


Giving us credits would be fine.


Richard "Pitts2A" Ordway

Przemek "CA_Stary" Starkiewiczfor Wings Over

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