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SF2 Europe A-10A Loadout Mod

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SF2E A-10A Loadout Mod Readme


by Malibu43


This mod contains some alternative loadouts for the two A-10A variants in SF2E, as well as a modified LAU-88 rack that allows 2 AGM-65's to be carried vs 3 (Based on images and forums I've read through, this seems to be more accurate. From what I understand, A-10's are never loaded with 3 AGM-65's on one rack). In addition to hopefully being a little more accurate, it also makes CAS a little more fun as it will require you to use something other than guided, stand-off weapons to complete the mission (they put that big gun on the front for a reason!). Strike, Recon, and SEAD loadouts have been tweaked as well.


New loadouts are as follows:



2 x AIM-9

1 x ALQ-131

4 x AGM-65

4 x MK20



2 x AIM-9

1 x ALQ-131

2 x AGM-65

4 x MK82



2 x AIM-9

1 x ALQ-131

4 x AGM-65

4 x CBU-24B



2 x AIM-9

1 x ALQ-131

2 x MK84



2 x AIM-9

1 x ALQ-131

2 x LAU-32A



2 x AIM-9

1 x ALQ-131

2 x LAU-32A

2 x AGM-65

2 x MK82

2 x CBU-24B



1. Requirements:


- SF2E

- You have the LAU-32A rocket pod installed (included in Nato Fighters 4+). If you don't have the LAU-32A installed, you can do a find and replace for "LAU_32A" in both of the included loadout files and replace that with "LAU-3A", which is a stock weapon.


2. Installation:


a. Extract the contents of this .rar file somewhere temporary.

b. Drop the folder named "2_LAU-88A" into *SF2E Mod Folder*/Objects/Weapons

c. Drop the two *_loadout.ini files into their respective aircraft folders (A-10A, A-10A_78) in the *SF2E Mod Folder*/Objects/Aircraft directory.


3. Enjoy!


If there are any questions or problems, please PM me at Combatace.com.


This mod may not be used in any payware. It can be used for free as long as appropriate credit is given.






Note: updated 9-29-10 to correct LAU-32A entries.

Note: updated again on 9-30 to correct... LAU-32A entries

Note: updated 3-13-11 to correct LAU-32A entries and change some loadouts

Note: updated 7-8-11 to correct an error in naming the new LAU-88 rack. Don't know how that wasn't missed before...

Note: Jeez.. Updated 7/11/11 to account for a change with the July '11 patch.

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