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B-70 Valkyrie Beta (Version 0.97)

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About This File

B-70 Valkyrie (Beta) by FastCargo and friends.


********************** Version 0.97 ***********************

(Note, this release includes the XB-70 beta released in November 2010)


SF2 Version for Dec 2010 Patch.


Models, some decals, most ini adaptions by FastCargo

Textures and most decals by Sundowner

Dyess AFB serial numbers by Dave from B-1B Redux

3D Rocket Effects by Lexx_Luthor (Lord of the Analog)

B-1B Cockpit by Dels

Engine Effects by Deuces, Fubar512

Any errors are mine...



Package contains:


XB-70 aircraft in prototype markings for AV/1 and AV/2.

B-70A aircraft in 28BMS and 62BMS markings

RS-70B aircraft in 337BMS markings

B-70C aircraft in 9BS markings

High Resolution versions of the textures and bump maps

Original Readmes

This readme





This release is a beta, and as such, is somewhat incomplete. The cockpit is from the B-1B, and there are no damage textures. However, almost all other features of a full release have been included.


Aircraft include:


XB-70 - The original research aircraft in it's actual configuration...not really set up for warfighting.


However, this set also includes semi fictional versions of operational aircraft:


B-70A - This is most probable version of the Valkyrie that would exist had it gone into production. It is done in 2 paint schemes, the high altitude anti-flash white, and a version painted in an odd silver coating designed to reduce the IR signature (as proposed by the USAF). This version also includes the wing pylons for the Skybolt ALBM, and projected pylons for the smaller nuclear gravity weapons available at the time.


RS-70B - Proposed version of the Valkyrie in an attempt to save it from the budget axe. Similiar to the B-70A in capability, but with additional reconnaissance ability similiar to SR-71. This is simulated by an internal camera window taking the location of the forward weapons bay. I projected that the RS-70B would come into existence during the late part of the Vietnam war, using the camera bay to carry the targeting laser, and dropping PGMs since conventional bombing at 80000 feet and Mach 3 would be very inaccurate. As a result, the first LGB drops in Vietnam are done by the RS-70B, not the F-4.


B-70C - Completely fictional version of the Valkyrie. In the history where the Valkyrie was produced, most of the B-52 fleet was retired very soon after the Vietnam War, only the G and H models remained to carry the AGM-86B cruise missile. The B-1 was never proposed, with the B-70A being the main gravity nuke delivery system and the RS-70B being the PGM bomber. The F-111 and FB-111 remained as the medium range, low altitude conventional and nuclear penetrator. The B-2 was designed at the outset to be a low altitude penetrator, avoiding the costly redesign the actual B-2 went through, bringing unit cost down. As it was, the B-70 and RS-70 were expected to be retired at the beginning of the 1990s as high altitude, high speed SAM systems became more and more lethal. However, after Desert Storm, the lesson was learned that big, long range SAM systems are vulnerable and expensive, but anyone can have AAA...so the doctrine was adjusted for more medium/high altitude operations with PGMs. So all Valkyries underwent a modernization to the B-70C standard, with the ability to carry all PGMs, including the JDAM, JSOW, JASSM for employment in regional conflicts.


There are a few bugs that we haven't been able to solve and may not be solvable due to simulation limitations. The main one is the AI will not take advantage of the high speed and altitude capabilities of the aircraft. Even if you create an actual mission with waypoints dictating altitudes and speeds, it will not fly those parameters (tends to fly a maximum of Mach 1.7). We are still working to squash the remaining issues...and one day we will have a proper cockpit for this machine.


This is a long range aircraft, you can hit a few of the 'walls' on several of the stock maps so give yourself plenty of turning room when planning your flight.


Have fun...report any crippling bugs (except trying to use it in SFP1/WOV/WOE/WOI...you're on your own) in the release thread at CA.




20 Dec 10

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