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Desert Duel 1981: Paran vs Dhimar, no foreign forces 1.0

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About This File

Desert Duel:


June 1, 1981. After the war in 1975, Dhimar has become the undisputed greater economic power in the region. With their increased wealth due to rising oil prices the Dhimari decide to invest in a stronger millitary to counter the ever-looming threat of their southern neighbors.


Seeing that Dhimar is purchasing new advanced weaponry such as F-16 fighters and new Sidewinder "L" missiles, Paran launches a full scale attack on the Kingdom of Dhimar before they can continue the military buildup with stronger ground forces.


Divisions of Parani troops and heavy armor are rolling north under a cloud of MiGs. The Dhimari military is scrambling to repel the onslaught. Their new hardware is about to be put to the ultimate test.



Nothing groundbreaking or terribly creative here. This is a simple campaign, based on the stock Desert Fury campaign with mostly stock aircraft. I wanted a Paran vs Dhimar campaign with no foreign forces. Fly Dhimari aircraft including the MirageIII & 5, F-4E, A-4, F-16A, Kfir, Lightning and F-104. I've enjoyed playing this campaign, and maybe someone else will too.


Requirements :

StrikeFighters 2

Strikefighters 2 Israel

Strikefighters 2 Europe


Optional: (included)

Flyable F-104G, files by Thirdwire for SF1, thanks to Wrench for "how to" in Combatace.com forum.


...also, in my personal install I opened the .ini files for each Israeli aircraft and changed the names from the Hebrew to the American (ex. Netz to Falcon, Kurnass to Phantom, Nesher to Mirage5). It's really personal preference and just a suggestion.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • -Expansion no longer required, F-104 will substitute if Lightning F.53 not installed
  • -changed most Dhimari aircraft to IDF versions for a more unified camo scheme (Mirage5 replaced w/Nesher, F-4E w/Kurnass, etc.)
  • -changed "random chance" to make all squadrons more likley to appear
  • -moved some Dhimari squadrons to different airfields
  • -more groundforces on both sides

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Hey. Nice mod definetely, but I have a problem with it, I don't know if someone else. The problem is that when I choose Desert Duel in te campaign mode, the unit gap appears blank and doesn't allow me to choose which unit I want fly with. If you start the campaign this way it automatically places you in the 1st Dhimari Fighter Squadron flying the F-16. Can anybody help me?


Thanks. =D

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Did you use the new NATIONS.INI file in your Flight folder?

I'm not getting any problems when I install into a clean modfolder. :dntknw: (May2012 patch)

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i liked the campaign, too

But i´ve fast forwarded a few years and added to the 12th & 13th PARAN Fighterwing the mig-29

and make them flyable...to crush some dhimaries :-D

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That's cool, dast24. I did the same thing so I would have a theatre to fly the awesome TMF Fulcrum in. That thing is my favorite usermade ever, and it's fun to go up against the F-16.

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