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Tu-22M3 Backfire-C for SF2 1.0

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Tu-22M3 Backfire-C for SF2


This mod package contains the Tu-22M3 from HoneyFox/Insky Group, updated and converted to SF2 standards. Included are all the effects, weapons, sounds, pilots, and seats that you will need to install and use the aircraft in this package.


This aircraft can be used in SF2, SF2E, SF2V, or SF2I. To install and use it, you should ensure that your SF2 installation is patched to at least the Dec2009 patch level. See below for installation instructions.






To install, simply drag the \Effects, \Flight, \Objects, and \Sounds folders to your SF2 Mods Folder (NOT the folder that the game installs to). By default your Mod Folder should be located here:


Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\ThirdWire\[Game]\

Windows Vista: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[Game]\

Windows 7: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[Game]\


...where [username] is the account you log into within Windows and [Game] is the name of the particular game mod folder that you're moving the files to. If the aircraft is not showing up in your Single Mission Aircraft menu, then you didn't install all the bits correctly.



Notes About This Mod



In addition to doing the basic work to convert the aircraft for use in SF2, I also made a number of other fixes and additions.


1. Fixed non-working tailgun


2. Fixed incorrect Afterburner.tga reference


3. Added referenced B-1B sounds from B-1B Redux package


4. Added correct version of Kh-22


5. Added damage texture


6. Added B-1B_86 cockpit (replaces C-130J cockpit in the original)


7. Adjusted attachment positions for several weapon stations


8. Changed Armor.Thickness and StructuralFactor values to more reasonable numbers


9. Added new dirty exhaust effect


10. Added new Hangar, Loading, & Loadout images


11. Added tail numbers to vertical tail


12. Other minor fixes/corrections



Credits & Acknowledgements



This package largely consists of work done by others and released previously in other packages. All I did was assemble the package, update the bits to SF2 standards, and make a number of fixes, adjustments, and additions (discussed above).


jv447 .......................................... Tu-22M3 model

HoneyFox/Insky Group ........................... Tu-22M3 mod for SFP1

Dels ........................................... B-1B_86 cockpit

Spillone104 .................................... Sounds


If I have neglected to credit anyone, please let me know -- it will be fixed ASAP. A copy of the original ReadMe for the Tu-22M3 for SFP1 from HoneyFox/Insky Group is included in \_OriginalDocs (along with several other original items). Any errors in this package are mine alone, so please do report bugs and inaccuracies to the CombatAce.com forum.




Eric Howes


26 July 2011

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