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BAF F-104G 1.0

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BAF F-104G for SF-2EU


We needed it, I remade (NATO 5 ready!!).


1st Wing – Wing Alle-Weder (Beauvechain/Bevekom AB)

349th Smaldeel

Motto: "strike Hard, Strike Home"

Insigna: Two Morning star (i.e. maces) crossed, on a white background

(F-104G November 1963 – March 1980)


350th Smaldeel

Motto: "Belgae Gallorum Fortissimi"

Insigna: The head of Ambiorix with winged helmet

(F-104G March 1963 – October 1981)


10th Wing – Bommenwerpers Wing (Kleine Brogel AB)


23rd Smaldeel

Motto: "Diabolico Furore"

Insigna: A red devil holding two black bomb

(F-104G April 1964 – December 1982)


31st Smaldeel

Motto: "In Sanguine Vinum"

Insigna: A black and gold Tiger

(F-104G June 1963 – October 1983)


(*) better historical notes added by costumer request.:good:


All 100 planes delivered, all four squadrons badges included.


Bonus F-104_loadout.tga included.




Paul :good:






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amazing plane love to see them flying when i lived near the airbase, i have however one remark

349 smaldeel is called the goedendag or maces and 350 is called Ambiorix otherwise no remarks or bad things to say just marvelous :drinks::yikes::clapping:

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Sorry to be a PITA but markings are not right


There shouldn't be any roundel under the wings


the tail markings didn't reflect squadrons, but only Wings (1st or 10th) as aircraft where under a centralized maintenance system back then, under the auspices of the wing, and loaned to squadrons as required. Most planes have been affected to both wings to balance fatigue on airframes....


On the Starfighter, squadron markings only appeared on very few birds, mainly at the end of their service life on their respective base (FX99 is well known for 10th wing, with crying tiger marking, and FX72 at Beauvechain with" Adios 104" for 350 sqn)


the 10th wing badgewith yellow background is not standard, must have been one of a kind

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Patch added on support link to remove bottom roundels. About squadron badges I found in many pics. Who wants remove can edit relative entries in decals.ini.


Thanks Sony.



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