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Voisin Type V with 37mm cannon

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About This File

The Voisin Type V was a slightly improved version of the Voisin III, with minor changes to the 150hp Salmson engine, a more streamlined nacelle, and staggered wings. It was first used in 1915, but was not a significant improvement over the Voisin III and served alongside it rather than replacing it. Some Type Vs were equipped with a a 37mm Hotchkiss cannon mounted in the nose and were successfully used for ground attack missions.


In my model, the 37mm cannon is rigged as an internal gun, so the pilot can fire it. The gunner would normally sit or stand directly behind the cannon, but I have placed him to the side so you can get a clear view of your target. As a result, some of the cockpit details have been altered, but are still reasonable.


Ojcar has created the data file for the plane, and spent some time tweaking the gun data to get it to perform more realistically. (You will have to reload between shots.)


I have included three skinning options for the plane, identical except for the decals. The Italian Linen uses the Italian insignia with red and green underwing panels. The Russian Linen uses the Russian insignia and includes stripes on the tail planes. The Standard Linen can be used for all the other Entente powers. This plane uses the national markings that come with First Eagles, so you can easily change nationalities (in the Standard Linen skin only.) I have included all my skinning templates. This is slightly different from the Voisin III and the skins are not interchangeable.


I have also included decals for serial numbers which will be applied randomly.



Historical Notes:

The serial numbers are fictious, but more or less in the correct range for the Voisin Type V.


The Russians used different national markings on the tail planes, If you use my Russian skin, you will have white, blue, and red stripes on the tail planes. If you use the Standard skin for the Russians, you will get roundels on the tail planes.


Details of the gunner and gunner's cockpit have been altered to make it possible for the pilot to fire the gun.




My thanks to Ojcar for making the data file for this plane, and for massaging the data for the gun to get a more realistic effect.



Installation instructions:

For FE1: Unzip the file and move the folder named "Voisin5" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder.


For FE2: Unzip the file and move the folder named "Voisin5" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create a new folder named "Voisin5". Move the folder named "D" from the Airplanes/Voisin5 folder into the Decals/Voisin5 folder you just made.




A note about Effects -

I have used the 37mm Hotchkiss 1885 cannon in my plane. In First Eagles, this is usually used as a ground object and the gun fire animation is quite large. If you have a slow computer, you may not be able to see the fire effect unless you have shadows turned off.


If you have downloaded p10ppy's SPAD XII, then you already have a nice fire effect for an aircraft mounted cannon (with smoke blowing back over the cockpit). The effect is in a file named "37mmSPAD.ini" in your Effects folder and is named "37mmFireEffectEnH". You can edit the GunData.ini for the 37MM_HOTCHKISS_1885 to use the better effect by changing the effect name to read:



What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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