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Sea King Mk.41 German Navy 1.0

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Sea King Mk.41 Addon for SF2 series





Search and rescue version of the Sea King HAS.1 for the German Navy, with longer cabin; 23 built,

delivered between 1973 and 1975. A total of 20 were upgraded from 1986 onwards with additional

Ferranti Seaspray radar in nose and capability to carry four Sea Skua Anti-ship missiles.

For self protection Chaff and Flare dispensers are mounted and a M3M machine gun can be carried on the

right side.





Unpack the files, read the SeaKing_README.txt!

Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack.

If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce!


Model features:


+ Use thrust vectoring to change between flight and hover mode

+ German Navy Helo crew models

+ Working winch (Animation Key 10)

+ Cockpit door animated (Animation Key 6)

+ M3M Doorgun: open sliding door (Animation Key 9) and make the gunner pull the gun into firing

position by pressing the bombbay door key (Strg+o)

+ Folding main rotor and tail. IMPORTANT! You MUST follow these instructions:

1. shut down engines (Strg+i)

2. toggle rotorbrake (Animation Key 7)

3. press rotor folding (Animation Key 8)

+ Dipping sonar activation (Animation Key 4)

+ Dipping sonar lowering (Animation Key 5)

+ Includes the EGV702 "Berlin"-class combat support ships, which carry two SeaKing


Known Issues:


+ Flight model works best with normal mode, but hard is possible. Both show limitaions as the game doesn´t

support helos




+ Kesselbrut for the borrowed Cockpit, he has done a beautifull job

+ Soulfreak for the skins

+ Thanks to Beta Testers: Dave, Wrench, EricJ, Brain32, Stary, Silverbolt, PureBlue and Spinners

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