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This package includes the following weapons and equipment for the Japan Air Self Defense Force, each with new models created by me:




AAM-4B (AHM with miniature AESA seeker and clipped fins)

AAM-5 (IRM, HOBS with TVC)

ASM-1 (ASM, solid fuel)

ASM-1C (ASM, turbojet)

ASM-2 (ASM, turbojet, IIR seeker)

ASM-2Kai (ASM, turbojet, IIR seeker, folding fins)

ASM-3 (ASM, supersonic ramjet, radar + IIR seeker)

J/AAQ-2 (targetting pod, available in two colors and tracking displays)



What's New in Version 3.5   See changelog


  • 2014/08/05 Cosmetic updates for ASMs
  • 2013/08/13 Minor data and cosmetic updates
  • 2013/05/11 Cosmetic improvements for J/AAQ-2B, AAM-4 and ASM-1/2 series
  • 2012/09/26 Updates to models and weapon performance
  • 2012/03/06 Initial release
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