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Hurricane Mk.IIb V4.0

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About This File

Hurricane Mk.IIb For SF1 06 Patch Level Installs.


See Readme for details



Cockpit By Me.


AC 3D Model,Textures Myself.

Light Fix Wrench

Sound File ?


This Mod is Freewear and not to be sold!





(12 Guns of Fun.)

What's New in Version V4.0


  • Version 4.0 01/14
  • ------------------
  • Made 'Escape Panel' a separate mesh for decals
  • Added 'Aft Mesh' for SN decals.
  • Fixed various Pivot points.
  • Added reduced layer templates to upload.
  • Fixed external Cockpit.
  • Corrected TailGear ShockAnimationID=5
  • Version 3.1 12/13
  • --------------------
  • Updated _Data.ini:
  • Added missing 'DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE' for outer wings.
  • [Engine]
  • ThrottleRate=1.0 (Smoother AI)
  • Updated Decals.ini: Added Decals to Damaged Vertical_Stabilizer.
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Version 3.0 12/13
  • -----------------
  • Aircraft:
  • -----------------
  • Changed Animation Keys, Gear nolonger flap with gunpod.
  • Reworked Windscreen Frame.
  • Fixed ( annoying) Too shiney area on Fuselage near Canopy.
  • Added Damage Node's
  • Fixed Exhaust 'Glare panel' mapping.
  • Corrected (Left only) Retractable Step. (Animated)
  • Updated Wing Pylons.
  • Updated Drop tank (Pylon correctly afixed to tank).
  • Corrected Drop Tank and Pylon position.
  • Updated Textures.
  • Added Seat to aircraft model.
  • Added Template's to Upload.
  • Changed 'destroyed model' to 1 texture.
  • Moved .out's to a seprate folder.
  • Cockpit:
  • --------------------------
  • Reworked Windscreen Frame.
  • Changed Radio.
  • Added Rudder trim Nob.
  • Updated Textures.
  • Version 2.0 8/13
  • Aircraft:
  • --------------
  • Fixed split in Left Wing
  • Added destroyed model.
  • Instlation: _Dest.lod and _Dest01/02.bmp's go in the Aircraft folder.
  • Cockpit:
  • ---------
  • Reworked Canopy and Windscreen Frames (Not so blocky now).
  • V1.3
  • Added New Cockpit: See cockpit Readme.
  • Changed Cockpit texture in fuselage pit
  • Corrected GunSight facing direction in fuselage pit
  • Added Recognition Flare dispenser (For Fun)
  • Added All of the .out files
  • Fixed Holes in Right Outer Wing.
  • Added Seat
  • V1.2
  • Updated LandingLights with Wrenche's Positions (Tail light will not move with Rudder at the 06 patch level)
  • Fixed Theater Stripes
  • Added missing "StructuralFactor=" Statements to Data.ini
  • Set textures to 1024x1024
  • Added Merlin5 sound file.

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