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Fix Pack for Razbam F-102 Delta Dagger v1.0

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About This File

These are just some changes I came up with to fix some problems with Razbam's F-102A Delta Dagger.


1)Fuel guage-Corrected SystemName[021] to read FuselageFuelCell-gauge will now read the fuselage tank. Also changed tank amounts to more closely

reflect actual amount of fuel carried internally; most sources give this as 1,085 Gals or 7,335 Lbs.

2)HydraulicPressureGauge-Changed this to an OIL_PRESSURE_INDICATOR as there is no provision in-game for hydraulic pressure. Obviously not a true

reading, but better than a dead gauge.

3)Drop tanks-Changed these as all references were to 230 Gallon tanks; F-106 had 360's.

4)Fixed Fuel Low Left, Fuel Low Right lights, they now come on with 20Lbs fuel left.

5)Set emer fuel on light to come on at 600Lbs.

6)Changed missle names and added SpecificStationCodes to missles and aircraft to prevent mix-ups with stock or weapons pack missles as these are


larger and protrude thru the fuselage if used in the side bays. Also two AIM-26's with the correct StationCode. After all, if you can't

nuke it, fook it, no? Copy and paste the aim-4 lod.s and parts01 bmp.s from the weapons that came with the plane into their respective folders in


this mod. Install these into your weapons folder in the game. The AIM-26's have their lod.s; they are from McGunny's Ordnance Pack.

7)Fire control system-Changed this to Hughes MG-10; again F-106 was equipped with the MA-1. Adjusted Avionics ini. Search/Track Distance/Strength

entries to match those in the Data ini.

8)Changed the names of the Avionics, Cockpit, and Data ini.'s to be model specific to prevent mix-ups.

9)Added ReverseInput=TRUE and ReverseModelOrientation=TRUE to the rudder statement in the Data ini. to fix incorrect yaw.

After you've placed the aim-4 lod.s etc. in the missle folders just copy and paste the Objects folder either into your Razbam folder or into the

game after you've installed the aircraft.

Credits: Cliff11 for the rudder fix; you can blame me for the rest.

This has been tested in a July 2012 full merged install, it should work in earlier patches but it's untested.



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A must have for every Razbam's costumer. SupGen fixed all the original (payware) bugs included SHADOWS. So bring out the hangar your deuce and fly ..... Bravo.

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