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CV-22 v2

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About This File

CV-22B for SFP1, WoE, WoI. '08 Patch level


This is my modification of Zurawski's MV-22B into the USAF's CV-22.


The CV-22 is the Special Operation Forces variant of the U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey. The first two test aircraft were delivered to Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., in September 2000. The 58th Special Operations Wing at Kirtland AFB, N.M., began CV-22 aircrew training with the first two production aircraft in August 2006.


The first operational CV-22 was delivered to Air Force Special Operations Command's 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Fla., in January 2007. Initial operational capability was achieved in 2009. The 27th Special Operations Wing, Cannon Air Force Base, NM, received its first CV-22 in May 2010.



Zurawski for MV-22

Kesselbrut for the 160HeloGunnerR


If I missed anyone please let me know and I will update this accordingly.

Questions / comments / concerns please contact me here at Combat Ace.




January 2013

What's New in Version v2


  • I have added a Recon Camera to the nose. This gives you the option of locking onto a target as you fly by. Add the following to your WeaponsData.
  • [WeaponDataXXX]
  • TypeName=KA-56A
  • FullName=KA-56A camera stabilized
  • ModelName=
  • Mass=9.000000
  • Diameter=1.200000
  • Length=0.009000
  • SubsonicDragCoeff=0.120000
  • SupersonicDragCoeff=0.100000
  • AttachmentType=USAF
  • SpecificStationCode=KA-56A
  • NationName=USAF
  • StartYear=1969
  • EndYear=2100
  • Availability=0
  • BaseQuantity=8
  • Exported=FALSE
  • ExportStartYear=0
  • ExportEndYear=0
  • ExportAvailability=0
  • WeaponDataType=0
  • RailLaunched=FALSE
  • Retarded=FALSE
  • FinStabilized=TRUE
  • SpinStabilized=FALSE
  • EffectClassName=
  • DragAreaMultiplier=1.000000
  • WarheadType=0
  • Explosives=0.000000
  • FusingDistance=0.000000
  • ClusterBomblets=0
  • ClusterDispersion=0.000000
  • GuidanceType=4
  • Accuracy=100
  • MaxTurnRate=0.000100
  • MaxLaunchG=0.000100
  • LockonChance=100
  • LaunchReliability=90
  • ArmingTime=4.000000
  • SeekerFOV=30.000000
  • SeekerGimbleLimit=60.000000
  • SeekerTrackRate=20.000000
  • SeekerRange=15000.000000
  • ReleaseAnimationID=-1
  • EODisplayFlags=0
  • CEP=0.000000
  • I have also created a new skin "Lo-Vis"
  • Questions or concerns, please let me know.

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When did CV22's change from the light grey to this camo???

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