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Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel v3 Patch V3.04 Cumulative

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30 APR 2013


Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel V3.04 Cumulative Patch

For SF2:Israel with SF2:North Atlantic. or

SF2,SF2:E,SF2:V,SF2:NA with SF2:Israel Merged Install.




To Install:

Run the Installer and point it to the Saved Game folder

"StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael" Mod Root Directory.

Overwrite if it asked.




Thanks to Stary, saisran, Slartibartfast, AggressorBLUE for

their help.



What's New in Version V3.04 Cumulative   See changelog


  • Included:
  • 3.04: Cumulative
  • Added Foxmonter's F-1 pit and Stary's Repaint for the F-1EQ.
  • Added Stary's repaint for TMF's Jaguar GR.1 Pit.
  • Added Mig-29 Models and Skin by russouk2004. other skins
  • updated to the Newer Model.
  • Added F-104C, G and S. LOD's needed for Cockpit and Aircraft
  • to Work. USE THE OLD LOD's OR there WILL BE problems.
  • Added suhsjake's Mig-15 heavily modded. Skins by suhsjake and
  • Major Lee.
  • Added OA-10C hog from 3.0 Model by WpnsSgt modified by Me.
  • Added AMX-13 and AMX-30 Tanks.
  • Updated WFI Campaign Dates and added new Win, Lose, Stall
  • Text files. Other updated txt like Merc and Nations.INI.
  • campaigns will need to be started from scratch.
  • Updated some LOD's to point to JPG textures.
  • Updated Ground Objects, Decals, Guns, Pilot's and Weapons.
  • Updated Effects and Sounds.
  • Updated RWR files and Soundlist for new sounds.
  • Updated Data.ini's and Cockpit.ini's for numerous aircraft
  • and have updated flight and landing charicteristics and
  • Loadouts or Loadout Stations.
  • Updated RWR.LST.
  • Updated IsraelME Targets, Types and Data.INI files. Trees are
  • not showing through closer trees. Some tree textures have see
  • thru edge effect, but that's do to Multi Object Textures.
  • ALIAS.LST has been moved by TK to the Decals Folder.
  • 3.03: Cumulative
  • All Campaigns are affected.
  • adjusted dates for War For Israel.
  • adjusted Carrier Group support Battle Areas.
  • updated loadouts for numerous aircraft.
  • adjusted some cockpit views for realism.
  • various updates to AV-8B Harrier II.
  • added AV-8BII Plus heavily modded by Spectre8750.
  • added Tornado GR.4 by Dave & Sundowner.
  • added ground objects and weapons.
  • ready for next addons.
  • 3.02: Cumulative
  • Corrected War For Israel Dates of Campaign. So
  • you'll have too delete and restart the Campaign.
  • Added LPD4's in Campaign WFI and Tank Units from those Ships.
  • Added Chinese Tank Units.
  • Adjusted F/A-18A thru D Rocket Boresight Elevations for Acuracy.
  • Fixed A-7D_77 and A-7E_77 missing outer pylons.
  • History
  • v3.01:
  • All Campaigns are affected
  • ClubMed '97 Campaign is affected in that the A-4M wasn't to
  • be included as it doesn't become available until 1999. It has
  • been replaced by the A-4N.
  • ClubMed '82 is affected as The IDF 115 had a duplicate
  • Squadron and one has been changed the 147th at Ramat. so
  • both Campaigns will have to be restarted. And the USS Peleliu
  • was replaced with the USS Coral Sea and two extra Squadrons.
  • War For Israel Campaign is affected as the Battle Group
  • positions were adjusted. And adjusted Mission Date and Rate.
  • Replaced VFA-25 with VMFA-533 to add F/A-18D.
  • Fixed innerpylons and loadouts for F/A-18D.
  • Soundlist.ini had a double entry, this was corrected.
  • A-4M Meshupar has been edited to correct availability of
  • weapons in the Campaign.
  • Adjusted Engine thrust of the F/A-18C&D.
  • Fixed CAP Loadout for F/A-18D.
  • Replaced Cockpits of the Mig-15, Mig-15bis, Mig-17, Mig-17F,
  • Mig-17PF, Mig-17PFU with Stary's updated Pits.
  • Adjusted Cockpit position of the MiG-23BN.
  • added Loadout image and Hangar screen to the YAK-38, also
  • added ejection seat and canopy animations.
  • Fixed missing weapons issues with the Flankers.
  • Fixed RWR not working on the F-35A.
  • Fixed Strike Loadout for all F-35's.
  • Split the F-16D 93FS into it's own Aircraft as F-16D Block 32
  • as not to use the wrong Conformal Full Tank as the IDF is Camo.
  • Added S-25 weapons.
  • Fixed missing weapon model for GBU-54(V)1 and GBU-54(V)3.
  • Updated Anti-Ship Loadouts to include STRIKE_NAVAL,SEAD_NAVAL.

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