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WW2 Battle of Britain Terrain for SF2 2.0

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WW2 Battle of Britain Terrain for SF2 8/16/2013


- For SF2, (Full 5 Merged REQUIRED!!!*)


"The Battle of France is over; the Battle of Britain is about to begin..."


This is a (nearly complete) rebuild of the Battle of Britain map by Gepard.

It has been brought (as much as possible) up to SF2 standards, at the May 2013 patch level. It it designed for use in WW2 ETO mods folders built =FROM= the SF2:NA exe.

The terrain has also been completely (well, nearly ~98.6%) retiled using the GermanyCE tile set. Please see the "Notes" section for more info on the tiles. There ARE some custom tiles and TODs.


If you have the original version, or any updated versions, it's suggested you move THAT terrain sub-folder to a storage section, rename it, or delete it from your WW2 ETO mods folder. This version =WILL= completly replace it.


This is map covers western France and Southern England, from Paris to Brisol (east and west) and RAF Whittering to Breast (n/s), with the majority of the target areas in S/E England, and the French Channel Coast. For other targets further inland, and later time frames, it's reccomened you use my EAW WW2 Euro Rebuild, as it's much more detailed and covers a substantially larger area.


This map makes use of the LimitedNations, AllowedDates and AllowedMission statements. There are =NO= CAS routes, ground attack missions are limited to Armed Recon and Anti-Shipping. Strike, of course, for the bombers, remains valid (expecially for the Luftwaffe!). Armed Recon mission are constrained to within approximately 100km of the coastlines (more or less) for BOTH sides. As this map is more designed for the defense of England, rather than cross-channel RAF strikes, this works well (also, vice versa for Luftwaffe bombers and fighters). For those wanting more, use the EAW Euro WW2 rebuild.


OTH, since there is (nearly) enough sea room, several SF2NA "ship zones" are placed on the water bmp. This allows for the generation of Kriegsmarine Surface Action Groups, as well as CV operations for the Royal Navy. If you find these historically offensive, a second _water.bmp is provided, withOUT the zones. A simple bmp rename, and text edit of the terrain's main ini will remove this function. Instructions are in the "Notes" section.


There are some new GroundObjects included; these are ALL at the latest SF2 patch level, and will replace any others. Most are Raven's new LW radars (the Natter SAM is NOT included, as it's 1945 start date is outside this maps operational life span), and some ships by Stephan1918, imported from FE2, and modifided for SF2 usage .


*Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may NOT follow their Real Life ™ courses, or be placed in their Real Life ™ locations, or exist at all. Several cities and other physical features may also fall into this classification; Some populated places may exist only as "named places" on the map. This was done for historical reasons. Many airfields/airports, some of historical significance, may also not exist or placed in the Real Life ™ locations due to tiling constraints.*


When in-game, you'll still see "Battle of Britain" on the terrain selection dropdown window.


It's reccomended you unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended you read the document through after unzipping, but =BEFORE= installing.

As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section may make for entertaining reading.


Please also read -and Obey- the New Standard Usage Discalimer, as it's been modified to reflect changes in my policy. It's listed at the bottom, in the Legal Statement Section, with the URL back to the CA post.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein

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