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SF2 Lavochkin La-17n & La-17R 1.01

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Lavochkin La-17n and La-17R for Strike Fighters 2



Ground launch conversion of the basic La-17 target drone equipped with RD-900 ramjet engine.



Ground launched reconnaisance version with stretched fuselage, camera bay and powered by an RD-9BK turbojet.





These are drones but you crazy test pilots can fly them and have some fun. :P


These La-17s have some unusual features like a double landing gear (skids).


By default the drone start on the runway with the retractable gear extended, with the right nose up position for take off. About 20°.

Now, the AI don't make any use of the JATO unit, but you can.



Leave the throttle to idle, and activate the JATO with the key used for thrust vectoring the Harrier nozzles down. The rockets will blast you right in the sky and will burn out in about 3 seconds. During this quick process, set the engine thrust to full power. After 5 seconds from the start you can discard the empty rockets by Ctrl-D (Drop tank jettison). Retract the invisible gear and proceed with the mission.


Note: for the sake of limitation of the game engine the La-17n have turbojet parameters instead of the true ramjet since the AI can't take off or carefully use an engine that simply offer no thrust at 0 speed and basically the thrust increase directly to the speed. TESTED and DISCARDED.



Do not extend the gear, you have skids on the engine belly and on wingtips just like sailplanes.

During final approach, shut down the engine and descend gently with a speed of about 270Km/h. Once close to the ground and about 240Km/h pull up to kill speed and let the drone gently stall. It will still be under control and will descend quite gently upon touch down.

This procedure was applied since the ramjet directly absorbed the impact and limited the damage to the airframe. The engine usually was already good for scrapping by that time anyway.

On the turbojet models there was an airbag to absorb the impact. And the engine on the recon drone was intended to be reused as much as possible.

AI would do just fine using the retractable gear. ;)



Both drones are set to SOVIET, in case someone want to have the La-17n target drone set as opponent, you have to change the NationName= in the DATA.INI. But you're still free to fire at friendlies ;)





Copy all the files in the respective directory of your game folder.

"User"\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2


And add these to your SOUNDLIST.INI located in the Flight folder


SoundFileXXX=JATO (Replace XXX with a sequential number)
















3D model, Effects and Sounds: Spillone104

Texture: Spillone104 and Flogger23


Beta testers: Flogger23, Paulopanz and Dysko




Legal stuff:


This mod is freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.




Happy landing.


Alex (Spillone104) 25/06/2014

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