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Palestine Terrain v1.0

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About This File

Palestine Terrain - June 2014

(Summary of the ReadMe file included in the download.)


I highly recommend that you make a new install of First Eagles for this terrain. The ground objects, planes, and nations involved are different from the stock game.


This terrain works best using the Desert.cat file from Strike Fighters. It is possible to run this using the Cambrai.cat file from First Eagles. Instructions for installing either option are in the ReadMe file.


NOTE - In FE2, this terrain has a problem with shadows for some areas. The only solution is to ratchet down the shadow settings until the problem goes away. I have included notes in the ReadMe file which go into more detail.




Gepard made a Palestine terrain for Strike Fighters some time ago. I have kept many of the objects he included in the original, including the Pyramids of Giza.


Wrench made a World War I version of Gepard's terrain. I have kept a lot of his work - you will still find many of Wrench's "Easter Eggs" in my version.


Wingwiner gave me permission to use some of the buildings he made for Strike Fighters.


Geezer gave me permission to use his ground crew and airfield objects, AA guns and balloon winches. Geezer also made the skin for the city buildings.


Everyone whose work is included in this download has given me permission to use their work. I thank them.


Gerwin made a TFD Tool which I used for a lot of the terrain map tweaking and target placement. I thank him for sharing it.


Ojcar shared many resources for the history of WWI in Palestine. I thank him for his help.


I wish to thank Geezer, Panama Red and Ojcar for beta testing. They all did multiple installs and tweaking as we tried to figure out the shadow problem. Geezer and Panama Red installed the game on different computers to see how the game performed on different platforms. I also wish to thank Wrench whose input was helpful during the testing phase.


I have made many minor changes to the terrain - I made new terrain tiles, (most based on Gepard's) and I have leveled the airfields and train stations, and smoothed out the height map around cities.


I changed a lot of place names, and I added places that were significant in WWI. I added a lot of (unnamed) small towns and villages to fill out the landscape.


I made a lot of new objects - bridges, trains, tents, trucks, cavalry units, city buildings, etc. I also reskinned some buildings, vehicles, and ships that I made for other terrains.


In my version I used the "ActiveDate/InactiveDate" feature of the target.ini to make airfields and targets change sides as the war proceeds. So different flags, AAA guns, vehicles, and planes will show up in the locations depending on the month and year.


The dates I used match the dates Ojcar uses in his campaigns. You should fly Ojcar's campaigns to get the real benefit of this terrain.


I have included a new title screen for this terrain.


Complete installation instructions are included in the ReadMe file in the download.


I highly recommend that you install Panama Red's sky mods. It adds a whole new level to the experience.


I also recommend that you install Ojcar's Palestine campaigns. This terrain was built for his campaigns and you will get the best gameplay using them.

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