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TSF 2: Expansion Pack 1 1.0

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About This File

This is an Expansion Pack. You need The Scandinavian Front 2 in order to play this mod.

(Please read the included Credits file. I could not do what I do without the lovely people who helped me by allowing me to use their work!)


The official soundtrack of the mod is

with Sabaton.


Before downloading the main files again if you seek to patch the game, check the support topic. Patches are posted there too.


Main Features:

* Several new and unique aircraft to fly, amongst them the Saab 18, Saab 21, Myrsky, Fouga Magister and Avia S-92!


* New cockpits for the De Havilland Mosquito, Saab 18, Saab 21 and the Fouga Magister by Stary; one of the best cockpit builders for Strike Fighters.



* A new Campaign, featuring an all out liberation of Finland by Swedish and Norwegian Forces set in the year 1950 including Amphibious Assaults.


* Fly for the Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic! A TSF First, this Campaign will allow you to fly an aircraft for the communists, defeating the filthy, warmongering imperialists in the name of Socialism!


* Bug Fixes and updates to the older campaigns, adding or replacing aircraft where suitable.

Included Campaigns:

Campaign Name: Operation Harmaahylje

Year: 1950

Flyable Services: Swedish Air Force, Norwegian Air Force, Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic Air Force.

Naval Combat: Yes

Ground War Scale: Large

What to expect: Korea War dogfights with very unique aircraft, a long and intense ground war that does not pull any punches.



This mod requires SF2: Europe & SF2 North Atlantic with The Scandinavian Front 2 Installed, Expansion Pack 1 and DLC 008 J 34 Hawker Hunter is highly recommended.


First of all, make sure you are using SF2: Europe and that it is patched to the latest version. This is _vital_.

Check http://www.thirdwire.com if you are unsure what the latest patch is, but the game should notify you if there is new patches out.


If you are using a mod, or plan to use one, TSF will mess around with settings other mods may be using. As such, creating a seperate mod folder for TSF is

a good idea. If you only plan to use TSF, then this step can be bypassed.


Now go to your Mod Folders. For Windows 7/Vista, this is located in C:\Users\Name\Saved Games\Thirdwire. For Windows XP Users, it is usually in My Documents.

Unzip the contents of the 7zip files "TSF2" into the mod folder already containing TSF 2. Allow any overwrites.



Any person who may be responsible for the fact that Team TSF is not allowed to use the A-Team Saab 37 Viggen may not play this modification. If any breach of this rule occurs, I am at full liberty to mete out whatever punishment I deem fit. By downloading the modification, you agree to this condition.


(Please read the included Credits file. I could not do what I do without the lovely people who helped me by allowing me to use their work!)

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