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In the late 1940's Paran had been a prolific buyer from the USSR, however, in early 1949, the Soviet Ambassador to Paran was caught in a compromising situation, and as it was seen as an insult to both the Emperor, and to his wifes, the offending party was escorted to the borders of Paran, after having an interview without coffee, with the Chief of Internal Security. Unfortunately this led to a cessation of trade between the USSR and Paran, so the Ministry of Defence was forced to look elsewhere for supplies of weapons, to defend against the dread Dhimar Sultanate . Lukilly the Chinese were making Migs under licence , so trade was opened with the Chinese in short order.
After the initial success with the J-2 Dabur programme, and with the assistance an advice of the Czech military advisors, work was started on Converting the JJ-2 ( Mig-15 UTI) from merely a training airframe, to something a little more flexible. Thus the NIHLA ( BEE) project was started, the basic JJ-2 was fitted with a reconnaissance suite, and also upgraded to be able to carry the larger J-3 ( Mig-17) drop tanks.
As the I.P.A.F.A. had already received deliveries of the initial J-2 Dabur's. it was decided that the JJ-2 Nihla would be the perfect aircraft to carry out the reconnaissance role for the Army.




Installation and blah blah


I have included ( I hope) everything needed in one package, ie. the aircraft ( you will need the Mig-15bis installed already to allow it to work) decals, weapons, pilots, and sounds. I have also included a SQADRONLIST.INI, and a NATIONS.INI to allow these birds to show up as a nation and with the correct markings. I have dropped all the respective files into their correct folders so, all you will need to do is unRAR/ZIP/7Z to your saved game folder, and allow overwrites ( if any) I have tested this on a full merged all bells and whistles SF2 so I assume it will work on unmerged too.as I said everything is there to get her up and running, just drop it all as is into your saved game folder and off you fly.

the camera is activated by hitting pg up twice ( or whichever key you have assigned to your radar ) the loadout is defaulted to drop tanks only, as this IS A RECCE bird, and not really ideal as an attack aircraft, however, if push come to shove and panic is ensuing, the Nihla CAN me armed with limited ordanance, in lieu of drop tanks ( so beware, VERY short range) and that's about it, please enjoy. I hope to be doing some more Parani/Dhimari stuff so for all you desert warriors, I hope you enjoy 'em as much as I do






This is a revamp of PauloPanz's Mig15bis R3 so credit for the original model and workings to Mr Paulopanz, and to anyone else involved in the original aircraft. I have just played around and tweaked a few things. also added Czech weapons as loadouts instead of the bog standard FAB's etc.
I could not have done this for you to enjoy without the initial hard work by the likes of Mr Wrench, Mr Paulopanz and all the other fantastic modders on here to numerous to mention, I am an ametuer just dipping my toe in a very deep pond !!!




















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