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AEG CIV (P) SF2 Merged

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Whilst the Great War was raging in Europe, the Balkans, and Mesopotamia, Countries not involved in the conflict, started breaking away from the powers that had previously held dominion over their countries, One of these countries was part of the joint occupation by Britain and France since the days of Napoleon, the area of Sharnak in the Middle East. in 1917 , whilst the French and British were other wise occupied, the populace rose up, and wrested power from the foreign administration, in a bloodless coup, as the French and British were heavily occupied with more pressing concerns, this was mostly ignored.
A government was duly and hastily formed, drawing members from the 2 main tribes of Sharnak. unfortunately, these 2 tribes of mainly nomadic people, were usually more interested in murdering each other, than actually getting along and running the new Nation state, in late 1918, a skirmish brewed up, over the rights to a sand dune mine in central Sharnak ( Sand being the main industry of the country, and as the war was going on sand for sandbags was in great demand, and Sharnak sand was the best sand bag sand in the world) The unrest turned into full scale and very bloody civil war, with the East of the country seceding and claiming sovereignty for the Eastern half of the country. The new country, named themselves Paran, and was ruled by a single and powerful clan of fierce Bedouin. the west of the country then named themselves Dhimar, and was a kingdom as the Shah was in that side and was loved by his people. and a kingdom was kept as the political rulers of the country.


The civil war continued sparodically for 18 months, during which time, both sides had managed to procure aircraft form various sources, There was a core of seasoned pilots, who had learned to fly whilst flying for the British, French, Russians and the Turks..


The I.P.A.F.A. had recently purchased Phonix DIIa's for the forward aviation units, but it was felt that a dedicated ground attack medium attack aircraft was also desirable, after casting around, a batch of unassembled AEG CIV aircraft was discovered, and duly acquired ( by foul means !! ) assembled, and pressed into sevice. the Aircraft had a reasonable bomb load, and with adequate air cover from the Forward Aviation Phonix's was most suitable for the task at hand, though not an outstanding aircraft by any stretch of the imagination, it was serviceable ( and very cheap as they had been nicked ) and soldiered on until the late 20's when it was withdrawn from front line service, and was used as a bomber and gunner training aircraft, it could be found as a squadron hack well into the 1930's.....not bad for an aircraft gained by dubious means !!




all files are included in the download, decals, guns weapons are all there, also the updated Nations.ini, and SquadronList.ini to allow the aircraft to show up, this aircraft has been converted from First Eagles , so the guns are new, and will not be in any SF2 weapons packs , so make sure you do install these guns, or else you wont be able to shoot anything !! I have also included a sound file for the Spandau and Parabellum, as that needs to be installed to give the guns the correct sounds, all other sounds are also included for engines etc. I strongly advise you update your soundlist.ini with new entries ( if you are unsure how to do this, take a quick look at the forums, and there are detailed instructions for this there ) Other than that, just reat this aircraft as you would any other upload to SF2 .
The aircraft flies as it should do, there is a reasonable bomb load but be aware, your wingman and or flight mates may use these at very random intervals, if they use them at all !! BE WARNED !! :biggrin: The AI does seem to sometimes have a wobbler, and do its own thing, just ignore it, and get on with flying, and rack up some kills. The aircraft is what it is, it is a barge, slow, not very manoeuvrable, and unless you like flying into certain death, best left to the AI Squadrons to fly !! stick with the fighters !!


Original Aircraft by Stephen 1918
FM by Ojcar
everything else by me


ENJOY !!! :airplane:

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