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F-4S_Beta.7z 1.0.3

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About This File

Here is an F-4S Phantom II with only 2 skins. I have in my personal stash version more skins, but I need to finish tweaking.

The completed version will have more skins and I'll include weps and sound files, pilots etc.  If no pilot shows up when u try this one you'll have to edit the 'data' file and change the pilot with one you have.

I just realized I neglected to change the sound settings in the data file...so i enclosed my j79.wav files.


Be careful not to overwrite what you don't want to loose, so I'd unzip it to somwplace like C:\Temp...the copying to the right folders.


What's New in Version 1.0.3


Same as before with a couple more skins.

You may need to edit the 'data' file and change the crew to a pilot you have. Likely you have an F-4. open the data file with notepad and search for 'CREW'. Copy ONLY the name of the pilot there and paste it into the f-4s data file at the same place. If, you've loaded plenty of planes you probably have the pilots i used.

Runs in latest patch level of SF1 and i use latest weps available here on combatace. It should wrk in early versions of the game, but don't have to test in 'Wings over Israel' etc

(I created  in my game camo'd tanks and weps + use the  'SpecificStationCode=' option to load the tanks and weps i want such as AIM-9L. )

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Here on combat ace in sf1 downloads 'SHIPS' is the coralsea. if you havedn't downloaded it do so.

create a folder in your ground objects (where you place the cv-43 or cv43)  called cv-41 or cv41 and copy the files from cv-43 into it.  open up the coralsea.bmp file with MS Paint and use the 'transparent selection' option then paste the contents of OVERLAY.bmp right over the bitmap. if you've selected 'tramsparent selection' option it will simply change the numbers ont the ship pictured there.

All you need to do then in change CV-43.ini, CV43.ini, or coralsea.ini to match the name of the folder you've called the newly created CV-41 folder with youur new ship in. Open up the 'in i' file and name it like so:

ObjectFullName=USS Midway CV-41

Now you have the Midway to fly VF-151 & VF-161 off of.

BTW: https://www.navysite.de/cvn/cv41.htm

to check out what cruises VF-151 & VF-161 flew and did what from the USS Midway CV-41.


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