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Caporetto Terrain 1.0.0

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Caporetto Terrain WW1

The Italian Front during WW1 refers to a series of battles fought between 1915 and 1918 in northern Italy between the armies of Austria-Hungary and Germany against Italy.
Italy hoped that by joining the countries of the Triple Entente against the Central Powers it would gain Cisalpine Tyrol (today's provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol), the Austrian Littoral, northern Dalmatia and some areas of western Carniola.
Italy had hoped to begin the war with a surprise offensive intended to move quickly and capture several Austrian cities.
Well, the war soon bogged down into trench warfare similar to the Western Front fought in France.

The included terrain represents the situation around August/September 1917, just before the battle of Caporetto.
The Battle of Caporetto (also known as the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, the Battle of Kobarid or the Battle of Karfreit) was the greatest defeat in Italian military history. The battle was fought between the Entente and the Central Powers and took place from 24 October to 19 November 1917, near the town of Kobarid (now in north-western Slovenia, then part of the Austrian Littoral). The battle was named after the Italian name of the town (also known as Karfreit in German).
Austro-Hungarian forces, reinforced by German units, were able to break into the Italian front line and rout the Italian forces opposing them. The battle was a demonstration of the effectiveness of the use of stormtroopers and the infiltration tactics developed in part by Oskar von Hutier. The use of poison gas by the Germans also played a key role in the collapse of the Italian Second Army.

- Italian terrain/front WW1, situaton around summer/late summer 1917 - 539 unique tiles, 10226/574 targets/areas
- Terrain represents the most important battlegrounds on the Italian front (Monfalcone, Mt. Hermada, Doberdo and Doberdo Lake, Mt. Fajiti Hrib, Gorizia, Mt. Sabotino, Bainsizza plateau, Caporetto, Mt. Krn, Mt. Tre Cime, Mt. Cristallo, Mt. Lagazuoi, Mt. Col di Lana, Mt. Marmolada, Mt. Ortigara, Mt. Pasubio...and many other historical places)    
- Needed ground objects are also included
- Important mountains where done via satellite images (the tiles)
- All historical fortifications are included (mountain bunkers, etc.) and locations/naming correct (as good as it gets)

Q: Is the scale of the map correct
A: No
Q: Are all the named towns and cities correct (placement and naming)
A: Yes as good as it gets.
Q: Does it include more than one season?
A: No
Q: Is the frontline correct?
A: Yes representing late 1917
Q: The river Isonzo seems to cut through the mountains, is that correct?
A: To a certain degree, but I had to modify massively the heightmap in order to make things look right (e.g. river not flowing up/down the mountains)
Q: The northern part of the map, e.g. toward Munich, seems without further towns?
A: Correct. All forests and lakes are there but apart from the major cities (Salzburg & Munich) I've not included smaller towns.

1. Make a backup copy of your First Eagles folder (just in case)
2. Extract the file into a temporary folder (like c:\temp\)
3. Copy all the relevant folders into the respective First Eagles game folders
(example: c:\temp\First Eagles\Terrain\wwiCaporetto into your c:\Program Files\First Eagles\Terrain folder)
4. Copy the Objects\GroundObjects folders into your GroundObjects folder. If you've already my Italian WWI terrain, then you probably don't need these objects. In any case if asked to 'owerwrite', click NO.

- FE Gold (might work also with FE2, sorry guys don't know), with the latest patch
- Very strong PC and GPU
As usually I want to say thank you to all guys who helped me to create the Italian terrain, to TK, Jan Tuma, Stephen1918, ojcar, Gepard, Heck, geo, quack74, Edward, and specially Geezer. Sorry guys, can't remember all the names. Please contact me if you want to be named here. Thanks for files, suggestions, bug fixing, etc.

The Italian terrain is freeware.
You are free to modify and share it, BUT Commercial use is prohibited.
If you find bugs please post them in First Eagles section of Combatace.com forum.

Hope you enjoy it.


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Fantastic terrain, lot of details and immersion

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Thanx, very interesting map. Good quality.

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