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SF2 P-47N Thunderbolt Post WW2 USAAF/USAF & Air National Guard Skins Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

SF2 P-47N Thunderbolt Post WW2 USAAF/USAF & Air National Guard Skins Pack       6/20/2019

-For SF2, (Full 5 Merged Reccomended)-

This is a package for post-WW2 and Air National Guard squadrons that flew the P/F-47N Thunderbolt in the years from 1946-1954. These are for V.2 of Russ's N-Jug. All skins are in jpg format.

You can find Version 2.0 of Russ' P-47N at the following URL:


The skins included herein for Regular USAAF/USAF units are:

37th/48th/49th FS, 14th FG
99th/100th/301st FS, 477th CG/332nd FG

The other skins included here are for the Air National Guards of the following states: 

Hawaii (Territory of)
Puerto Rico (Territory of)

The USAAF/USAF had divided the country at the Mississippi River, and had P-51 Mustang ANG units in the west, and P-47D/N units in the east. This is why this set only has Thunderbolts, and all are Eastern States. 

They are displayed on the Squadron Selection Drop-down window on the Loading Screen, as below:

37th/48th/49th FS 14FG (1946-48)
99th/100th/301st FSs 332nd FG (1945-48)

118th FS, 103rd FG (CT ANG 1946-52)
142nd FS (DE ANG 1946-54)
128th FS (GA ANG 1947-51)
199th FS (HI ANG 1946-54)
101st FS (MA ANG 1947-51)
146th FS, 112th FG (PA ANG 1947-51)
198th FS (PR ANG 1947-55)

Operational dates are rounded to the closest full year. The SF2 'date switch' is =NOT= used on any of these skins, as they overlap each other. End users (tm) will have to make any changes manually on the Loadout Screen for their flightmates.

A new data ini, with vastly improved FM and engine parameters (Now! With WEP!) is included. Some minor adjustments in hit boxes, armor, fuel tanks, etc have been performed. The operational years remain the same, so WW2 PTO users need not worry. Just drop it in. A backup copy of the original data ini is included, as a safety measure. It should be noted, Stary's superb Late WW2 cockpit -HIGHLY reccomended for this bird- is NOT included. If there is enough interest, I can add it to this, and upload an update. Or update the basic WW2 aircraft package.

Other than special squadron markings (color bands and the like) all  markings are decals. Decal randomization is TRUE. Each squadron has 26 serial and 'Buzz number' decals. On the individual aircraft select drop down, for all skins, any marked with a star (*) are been 100% positively identified as having served in that unit. Any not marked should be considered generic in nature as they don't actually represent aircraft from any particular unit, but are late production block P-47Ns. Please see the "Notes" section for information regarding the 332nd & 14th FGs. They are treated as special cases. A reminder -- this package =ONLY= contains American users (USAF & ANG). None of the export customers are included. Nor are any weapons or pilot figures included. You should have them already.

As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. As there exists an eariler version of these skins/decals, you will want to delete them or back them up to a different location entirely =BEFORE= installing these. Also, PLEASE read the "Notes" for further explainitory words on hows and whys.

Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein

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