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Original Skin by Bazillius
 for the  Spectre8750  submission Su-33. 

They did all the real work. I did a quick tweak of a skin.jpg and a Su-33_Data.ini type file. Hope it goes thru the '33 is awesome!

11-01-2019: I made a reference to modifying the flight_data file above. I actually spent way more time trying to make the flight characteristics actually flyable on my system. If you try the plane and have difficulty, I enclose a Su33_data file. I also, explain what i did to the file. 

Ever since starting on combat flight sims  have tweakeed flight characteristics. I'm embarrassed to say how long ago. Let's just say I more than could legally drink when DCS World's predecessor Flanker 1 or 2 launched.  The point is, even so I am far from an expert.  Perhaps someone  could make it better.


What's New in Version 1.2.1


I worked on the 'Data' file again. I had tried to make the plane more flyable and to turn better on my system at least previously. Worked on it a few times and now it has a decent roll rate, but a more manageable one.

With this data file, it will turn now.    Don't give full back pressure on the stick when entering a turn. Apply more stick with added power as you go around.

Full stick to the left or right will snap roll it over. A fast aileron roll (using maximum left or right stick) may continue around the axis quite a bit after centering your joystick, so you will need to give opposite stick to slow the beast down and stop the roll where you want to. I do not believe in a fly-by-wire aircraft this would not be an issue.  A half way way over stick produces a crisp roll rate that will fizzle out quickly after centering the control column.

Another change I made was to the amount of power available. I copied the settings for the Su-37 available here on CA. I may have added to much. It'll bust the SB with a load of missiles on it.  I don't know, the real one might be able to. On the Su-27 documentary available on YouTube they had to chain the prototype to two tractors to run up the engines before the time to altitude flight record attempt.



Worked on it some more. Made it 'looser'  You might like the old one though.


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oops, i also added a edited weps.ini file. Even if u like it, u might want to comment out the intake missile entries. I'm not sure they used those low hanging missile positions on the jump ramp carriers. Also, I mention scaling down the skins to 1024 x 1024. I did not include a 2024 x 2024 jpg for the 'Tigers'  Am not sure you'd notice the difference.  Sorry.

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I found the Su-33 was included in the 'StrikeFighters2 War for Taiwan' Campaign as seen on page 8 of user campaigns. Inside my upload here I reference The Modern Korean War Campaign as the source for the SU-33.

I downloaded the Taiwan Campaign moments ago and found this on a readme:

Su-33 Sea Flanker For SF2
Heavy Naval Based Fighter
By Insky Group
This mod is for the SF2 Series. 
The Insky Group and the mod creators own the copyright of this aircraft mod, no commercial-use of any part of this mod is permitted.
If you have any questions, you can go to the Strike Fighter forum in Insky BBS and post your questions.
Su-33 Model: jv447


So that's the situation for now.

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Here's a Thanksgiving Present (for those old enuf to remember such things)

I worked on the SU-33 Data file and got it to work better. I only tested it with a full weapon & fuel load doing basic moves/ not tried to dogfight it yet.  I assume it would turn better mostly empty.

It turns better and roll is more controllable.  The Su-33 ought to be the or one of the top large frame AirToAir combat aircraft (non-stealth) worldwide.  Easy to beat AIs in SF2.

One thing, The ailerons were set (in my file anyway) to move on the Z axis, which looked funny in camera mode. Set that to X axis and most is right again.

Oh, the "Su-27SM2" download (think I found it in one of the Campaigns previously mentioned) maneuvers excellently right out of the box. I tried some of its values in the SU33 datafile. I think I might make a SU33Data file using an entire Su-27SM2 datafile. Changing it's internal 'system names' and so forth. The canards in the SU33Data file could still be a part of problem and maybe the drag factor in the wings or fuselage are wrong. I will work on it til i can black you out with the su33 !!  As any real fighter plane should.



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Hello Again,

I didn't mean some one named 'Again' only.  I meant all fans of the mighty Su-33.

I worked on the data file some more.

Download this version. B e sure to back up the old one...   Unzip and plop the new Su-33_Data.ini into your Su-33 folder.  It won't work if your primary '.ini' file doesnot have the data file remark pointing to Su-33_Data.ini . This is easy to remedy.

I have it working better than the old  one. Its a little easier to control and it turns pretty well. I personally think it should sustain a higher turn rate still. I think the problem lies in those cryptic values in for example a section describing a wing's aerodynamic qualities. Too much drag somewhere. If anyone has documentation on the 'XXX_data.ini' file, please let me know.


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