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SF2NA A-7s Skin Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

SF2NA A-7s Skin Pack

= Tested in SF2NA, Full-5 Merged

This project started as a personal customization to improve historically the skins for the VA-72 A-7B_71 for the squadron cruise aboard JFK in 1975 and for VA-81 and -83 aboard Saratoga during the clashes with Libya of 1986.
So,I realize them basically to be used in the Northern Sabre 75 and El Dorado Canyon Campaignes present in the SF2NA Expansion Pack and SF2 Med Crisis.
The starting skins with which I played around are 3W for the A-7B_71 and the Wrench'TPS one for the A-7E_74,so much of the credit will be deserved by them; I added to the Echo skins some missing panel lines and the latches and air vents of the avionic bays plus some extra weathering and corrosion control.
The Bravo received the same treatement of the Echo plus the squadron specific blue on the wings and fin tips and the white of the nose.
All the decals was done by me.
All the Bu.Nos are historycally correct for all three Squadrons; this was one of the hardest part and I was able to barely sort out the required 12 to complete the standard number of planes deployed by a Navy squadron.

To Install:

As always raccomended,all in the relative folders in your game(s)

3W for the A-7B_71 and A-7E_74 Corsairs and the -7B_71 skin
Wrench for the already great A-7E_74 TPS skins,a handy starting point
Makoto for the idea and permission of the VA-72 fuselage stripe decals
Me for the decals and the small improvements

Know issue:

The first issue is common to all three skins; despite I'd the pilots name for the Squadrons cruises,I wasn't able to pair name and assigned planes,so the nameplates are present but empty.
Next nthe ones for the VA-72: the most important, I forgot one chess line on the rudder;I was misguided by the initial reference found and when I noticed the error,due to unwillingness to redo the work again from such an advanced state,I choose to left all as it was, sorry,
The fuselage stripe;actually the stripe will stop at the lower edge of the avionic bays access doors, but I was unable to obtain this and as result the decals continue 'till the most forward of the MLG doors,sorry but my skill are very limited...
If someone will address these issues,feel free to try ( and share) the result!

Legal note:

This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition.

Gianni "RustyKurnass" Coniglio


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