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[Fictional] SOKO Kometa for Strike Fighters 2 1.0.0

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This is a simple mod of the superb Chengdu J-10A by the Insky Group to create a fictional SOKO Kometa in service with the Serbian Air Force. Two Serbian squadrons are included (101st & 241st) as well as a bonus Montenegrin Air Force skin but you'll need to add them to your nations list as they are not featured in a stock install.


In May 1982 the government of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, led by Petar Stambolić, announced the ambitious 'Novi Avion' programme with the aim of designing and manufacturing an air superiority fighter to supplement and eventually replace the Yugoslavian Air Force's substantial MiG-21 force. SOKO (the state aircraft manufacturer) were awarded a design study contract and by 1984 their proposal had crystallized into a single-engine, supersonic fighter aircraft featuring a delta wing with a canard foreplane. The 'Novi Avion' programme seemed to mimic the Republic's move away from Communism to a market economy by becoming a much more capable multi-role aircraft and therefore more attractive to potential export customers. Whilst this did mean an unavoidable escalation in aircraft size and weight it did mean that the excellent Lyulka AL-31F engine (as used in the Sukhoi Su-27) would be a perfect match.

In May 1986 the Yugoslavian Government ordered 150 'Novi Avion' aircraft to replace both its MiG-21 and Soko J-21 Jastreb fleets and the following month saw SOKO rename the aircraft as the SOKO Kometa (Comet). Development moved smoothly during the remainder of the decade and many elements of the aircraft programme such as production facilities, mock-up, cockpit simulator, etc. had been constructed. However the start of the new decade saw the political situation in Yugoslavia worsen and by 1991 Yugoslavia had begun to disintegrate into several smaller nations. Putting a brave face on the situation, SOKO announced a postponement of the programme but also an intent to continue "as soon as possible". Production facilities were partially dismantled and relocated to Serbia with SOKO absorbing Utva Aviation Industry (based in Pančevo) who had previously worked with SOKO in the manufacturing of the J-22 Orao and also the G-4 Super Galeb. 

On April 28th, 1992 the two remaining republics of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, formed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and President Dobrica Ćosić wasted no time in re-launching the Kometa programme. Behind the scenes, SOKO were instructed to simplify certain aspects of the Kometa and the UN economic sanctions imposed on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia were bypassed largely by switching to Chinese avionics. SOKO worked miracles in assembling the first Kometa prototype during 1997 although the first flight would have to wait until May 1st, 1998 when Major General Dragan Mihajlović lifted off from Batajnica Air Base. In 2003 the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia became officially known as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro but by 2006 Montenegro left the union following a referendum leading to the full independence of Serbia and Montenegro. This political instability slowed the programme even further and it was not until June 5th, 2006 that the Kometa entered service with the 101st Squadron of the Serbian Air Force.


1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the Kometa folder into your Aircraft folder.

2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the Kometa folder into your Decals folder.

3. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop all files into your Weapons folder.

That's it!


As always, thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim.

Special thanks to the Insky Group for bringing us the J-10A... way back in 2008!

This package includes some Soviet weapons from my install and I'd like to thank the creators of those files.



Version 1 - 02/03/2021


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