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SF2 TMF Mirage3C EC 3/10 Vexin Skin Pack 1.0.0

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SF2 TMF Mirage3C EC 3/10 Vexin Skin Pack       5/21/2024

-For SF2, Any and All-

This here is a "new" skin for The Mirage Factory's Mirage IIIC, representing EC 3/10 Vexin in 2-tone desert camoflague, as they appeared during the Chad/Libyan war, based in Djbouti. EC 3/10 was the last unit in the AdA to use the Mirage III. I've given it a start date of 1984, so the 'SF2 Date Switch' will turn it on then.
You can find the TMF Mirage IIIC at the following url:


Reminder: this is for the IIIC =ONLY!!!=, NOT the IIICi!!

Almost all marking are decals, and decal randomization is TRUE. The skin remains in it's original bmp format. A skin specific Hangar screen was created just for this mod. Also included, are updated Data and loadout inis, containing Crusader's animation fix for the intake shock cones, and a small weapons twerk. I'd suggest backing up your originals, as a "CYA" measure.

When 'in game', on the Loadout screen, unit selection drop down, you'll see:

EC 3/10 Vexin (<1984 Desert)

Although, wherever your flying it WILL turn on automaticlly.

As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. All original readmes, when discoverable, are included.

Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein

For Oli and The Mirage Factory


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