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Su-22M4 Fitter-K "Susi"

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Su-22M4 Fitter-K "Susi"





This is a mod of Armourdaves Su-17 Fitter C. Dave, thanks for the permission to use your files.


My little share was to introduce the HUD and some modifications of the Data.ini. I implemented the guided weapons, added armour, reduced the fuel consumtion and modified the european style camo skin to a fictive east german Susi skin.




The M4 was the last and most advanced version of the swing wing Fitter family. It was an unique combination of the very robust Fitter design and high developed computer technology.

It was known for it high survival capabilities. While in use in the LSK/LV (East German Air Force) the very robust Ljulka engine "eats" some birds and in one occasion a complete pitote tube without to suffer damage. While life firing tests in the USSR the tanks of the "Susi" were rippled by 12.7 mm and 23 mm bullets with the only result, that the technicians found the bullets "swimming" in the fuel. It was also said, that during Lebanon war 1982 not one single Su-22 was destroyed by israeli ground fire.

While the first Su-22 were simple dumb iron droppers the M4 had a wide range of high sophisticated guided Air to Ground missiles. This missiles were guided by Laser, TV and gave this bird a limited stand off capability. The high accurate missiles proved lethal pin point hit capability during Afghanistan campaign. Anti radar missiles were also part of the "Susi" armament.






1. unzip into your aircraft folder

subfolders will be automatically created

2. Copy the files of Pilot folder to your aircraft folder


Thats it! Enjoy flying.


3. If you dont use the Weaponpack and want to wish to use the Cha-25 guided missiles, open folder Su-22M4\Weapons and follow the instructions of the readme file there.




For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.


Hope you enjoy it.



Michael (Gepard)

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I don't think that good, you can make a better...

Note : the Su-22M4 have this cockpit


You don't have the target locked CRT screen, you can modifieds it.

The loadout image in loadout setup menu is error.

You missing any weapon of this fighter:

R-60 missile (AA-8 Aphid)


Air-to-Ground missile : Kh-23 (AS-7 'Kerry'), Kh-25 (AS-10 'Karen'), Kh-29 (AS-14 'Kedge'), and Kh-58 (AS-11 'Kilter') and many weapons.

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