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Operation Steel Dawn - Vulcan + Blue Steel (WOE)

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About This File

Operation Steel Dawn (for WOE)


Welcome to Operation Steel Dawn (for WOE)


This missions pack contains two scenarios using the Vulcan B2 and Blue Steel standoff nuclear missile.


The objective of the first scenario is to attack and destroy the Soviet Northern Naval fleet undergoing repairs and maintenance in Rostock Naval Yard, East Germany. This scenario requires installation of comrpnt’s Operation Rubicon mission pack for WOE.


The second scenario’s objective is to destroy a Soviet regional Command & Control HQ located at Wittstock air base. This scenario is standalone for WOE and does not require any prerequisite objects in order to play – only small modifications to selected INI files.


Both scenarios are offered in both clear and bad weather formats.



If there are any problems with these missions and my own mods, then please contact me directly, not the authors of the prerequisites. Thanks.


Update v1.10

This mod has been updated on request to remove direct links to any Capun and A-team prerequisite models. Instead, please contact Capun for access - details enclosed.


Missions Overview

The aircraft used and details of their missions for each scenario in this pack are as follows:


NATO Forces

Scenario 1 – Attack on Northern Soviet Fleet based at Rostock

USAFE F-4G departs Diepholz AB on SEAD mission to IG border SAM sites

RAF Vulcan B2 departs RAF Wunstorf on nuclear strike mission to Rostock naval base


Scenario 2 – Attack on Regional Command & Control HQ at Wittstock AB

RAFG F-4M departs RAF Wunstorf on CAP mission S-East of Wittstock AB

RAFG F-4M departs RAF Wunstorf on SEAD mission S-East of Wittstock AB

RAF Vulcan B2 departs RAF Wunstorf nuclear strike mission to Wittstock AB


Warsaw Pact Forces

MiG-21PFM departs Wittstock Airbase to intercept radar threats South-West of Wittstock AB



There are a few prerequisites for this set of missions and links to each of them are included in the HTML ReadMe file.



  1. Comprehensive installation guide (i.e ReadMe)
  2. Combat missions for each scenario detailed above (clear and bad weather variants)
  3. Detailed mission briefing document for each scenario - with planning maps
  4. Loadout enhancements for F-4M, Vulcan B2 and MiG-21PFM

Some screenshots of each scenario are available here: http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/.../Number/2524342


Any problems, please let me know. Thanks.


Regards, comrpnt.

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