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F-4ES Cockpit & HUD Upgrade Version 1.0

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About This File

F-4ES Cockpit & HUD Upgrade Version 1.0 by Ultramax




This is my first serious attempt at 'cockpit conversion', so please be gentle guys! It was originally inspired

by Doghouse's brilliant F-4ES 'Super Phantom II' upgrade and I thought to myself that the picture would be

completed with a snazzy new cockpit to make the most of the Phantom's newfound versatility.


Although I haven't tested it on them, I'm sure it would also make a brilliant addition to the F-4F ICE and

Kurness 2000 upgrades.





Cockpit: Hi-Res cockpit by sundowner

RWR Display: Radar & TV display files by Wingwiner


Avionics and HUD display files originated from the Mirage Factory F-15A


PS: If I've forgotten to mention anybody please let me know.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me on the forum and I'll be sure to

respond ASAP.






Just place all the files into your aircraft ini file and place these entries in the appropriate sections:





You'll also need to have the F-4E_COCKPIT.LOD from SFP1 or SFG.


BTW, don't forget to change 'avionics60' to 'avionics70' - otherwise it won't work!







this mod is from Ultramax and was only uploaded by ravenclaw_007 all credit for this work goes to Ultramax

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Like the cockpit. Do you mind if I include it with a F-4S mod I made for posting here at combat ace.

I took the old F-4S (Larte) from Column 5 and modded some skins (for VF-151 & VF-161) and added your cockpit to create a fictitious F-4S+ as an upgraded F-4S that the 'Navy' continued to use after the 1986 retirement of the F-4S Phantom II from the Navy inventory.

Since after all on my computer the korean war, the vietnam war, and the " 'cold' war " never ended and the Navy needs all the planes it can put up.

Viva la resistiance!!!

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