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F-101B Voodoo V1.1

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McDonnell F-101B Voodoo v1.1


McDonnell had built 480 F-101Bs, the two-seat, all-weather interceptor used by the Air Defense Command from 1969 to 1972. Surviving USAF aircraft were transferred to the ANG where they served until 1982.
This aircraft is the version equipped with IRTS sensor.CREDITS:
Dave : various support and help (his exelent skin work, not included in this release, will be available soon as separate pack)
column5 : FM (thanks a lot Don)
mppd : skins (fantastic decal set), fuel tank models and support for the Genie making
Spillone104 : J57 sound
triplethr3at, NGHENGO, Spillone104 : test team
me : remaining stuff


Thank you very much, guys.
25-12-2008 - V1.01 - fixed error in right wing texture ... noone noticed it untill Badfrank tried to apply a (not historical) camo skin ... the two wings were sharing the same texture side. Now all seems to be ok. Thanks Badfrank.


23-01-2009 - V1.1 - Last change
- changes to various meshes in order to eliminate little imperfection i saw (old skins are not compromised)
- minor .ini elaboration (ehm ... simply i dont remember what i did)
- disabled the SpecificStationCode=AIM4 row from falcon WeaponStations and augmented load limits ; who have the AIM4 code into his weapondata.ini should remove the two slashes in order to get back them
- updated old skins with new details from Mike (mppd)
- added a Canadian skin as bonus for your patience.




Every part of this mod can be used into others mods only if the final product is free of charge for the community and proper credits are listed into the product itself.


Please, read the readme file before install. If you find problems with this aircraft , PM me or post at CombatAce in the proper section.


Have fun.


This mod is released under the freeware licensing agreement (http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26131)


Enrico "erikgen"

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Great plane. Thanks.

I know its been a while since upload but i am back to WoE after 4 years. And just downloaded voodoo. I like the beast.


Any chance to mod the script so instead genie rocket you can use Falcons ? So it would be more historical proper way.

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