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SoCal '84: Red Dawn & Red Force v1.1

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SoCal Campaign Mods by Baltika



Take to the skies and fight for the liberation of California!


Red Force and Blue Force flyable campaigns for Wrench's California Terrain v2.0




SoCal '84: Red Dawn


SoCal '84: Red Force


The Green Party sweeps to power in West Germany, resulting in unilateral nuclear disarmament and the removal of all U.S. air and ground forces. NATO disintegrates, with only the UK remaining an ally of America.


Cuba and Venezuela go to a war footing, occupying El Salvador and Honduras. A civil war in Mexico brings the "People's Republican Army" to power, and close ties are forged with Russia. Mexico becomes a vassal of the USSR.


The worst Soviet wheat harvest in 55 years results in mass starvation and rioting throughout the nations of the Warsaw Pact. Desperate for food and facing ruin, the Soviet Union and its allies launch a full-scale invasion of the continental United States of America. . .





Bonus Campaigns:




SoCal '62: Red Thunder


Communist elements within the Mexican military seize power in a bloody coup, with the full backing of Moscow. Revolutionary Mexico becomes a member of the USSR.


The international situation deteriorates as Soviet Premier Khrushchev and US President Kennedy fail to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis diplomatically, and the conflict escalates as US Navy cruisers sink Soviet freighters suspected of carrying nuclear missiles to Cuba.


In response, forward elements of the Cuban and Mexican Revolutionary Armies launch an assault into Southern California, supported by a massive Soviet expeditionary force.


US ground and air forces, supported by UK and Canadian allies, are ordered to defend the American people at all costs. . .




SoCal '62: Red Force


The glorious Revolutionary Army of Mexico comes to power with the full backing of the Mexican people. The new Mexican government joins the brotherhood of international Socialist Soviet Republics.


These developments are not welcomed by the American plutocrats, and the US President orders an unwarranted attack on Mexican and Cuban merchant shipping. Many civilian lives are lost.


In order to preserve the safety of our citizens, and to free the American people from the oppression of their capitalist rulers, the Armies of the Socialist Brotherhood begin a campaign of freedom into the heartland of capitalism.


California will be liberated!!!




Read the Read Me for requirements, instructions, enlightenment and indoctrination.






10 February 2009



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