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Mig-23ML Fighter cockpit with working Mig-23ML HUD- Mirage killer (Version 1.3)

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Mig-23ML cockpit (Version 1.1) made by Richard "Pitts2A" Ordway, Starfighter2, lindr2.


For SFP1 series. For Mirage Factory Mig-23ML. You need avionics 70 and the latest patch updates from Thirdwire. Tested on Windows XP and not Vista. However it might work on Vista too.


This is the Mig-23ML cockpit in a Russian dark green color (from color photos of a Mig-23ML-look at the color photo in the folder) and modded to the Mig-23ML standard from Armourdave and Sal's Mig-23 grey-colored cockpit.


I repainted it and added some details, placards, new switches and instruments from color photos. According to Nele, some airframes of the ML did have the SPS-141 onboard ecm jammer.


Starfighter, with massive help from Lindr2, made the brilliant, indispensible Mig-23 ML-specific HUD while I (and most of the community) had hit a brick wall trying to make an accurate Mig-23 HUD work. They also made the new avionics.ini and cockpit.ini.




The Mig-23ML had a big event on 27 September 1987. It is not much contested that in a wide-ranging dogfight one of two Mig-23MLs hit one of two maneuvering SAAF Mirage F.1s with a R-23R AA missile in air-to air combat and that the Mirage never landed safely. The two Mig-23MLs did land safely. Both sides apparently were ground controlled.


So the SAAF (South African Air Force) Mirage F.1 never made it safely back because of air-air combat damage. It crashed on attempting to land and was totaled to never fly again. To me that is a kill, but to each their own.




One can conclude that in actual air-air combat against a well trained enemy, the Mig-23ML proved it was historically capable of killing another maneuvering fighter without losses.


The Mig-23 had some advantages over other fighters. It's acceleration was reputed to be outstanding even by today's standards. It could unusually hug the ground and fly at high speeds for long times unlike most other fighters which would almost break apart due to turbulence. For its time it also had an incredible climb rate. Finally, it was an extremely short takeoff and landing aircraft in case of nuclear war with its swing-wings.


It was also the Soviet's first swing-wing fighter and designed for BVR (beyond visual range) combat.


Some links to Mig-23 pilot reports:











1) Back up your Mig-23ML folder .


2) Now secondly download this other additional Mig-23 package from the Mirage Factory and install it (the Mig-23ML will not work without it):



2) Just put this whole filefolder Mig-23ML contents into the Mig-23ML aircraft folder .


3) When asked to overwrite say yes.


4) OPTIONAL: Add Nele's accurate Mig-23ML flight model/ECM (data.ini) which is in the NeilFlightModel folder called MiG-23ML_data.ini. Just pop it in and overwrite when asked...back it up as always.


I personally strongly recommend it for getting an accurate feel of the Mig-23ML according to the published reports I have researched...but its not for beginners.


Thanks to Starfighter2, lindr2 for the Mig-23ML HUD which has stymied modelers until now that I know of. Incredible milestone!


Version 1.1- I made several realistic changes and brought it up to the M version's acccuracy standard. I made the directions more clear thanks to user feedback.


There are sharp differences between the early and late cockpits such as instrument location, RADAR and gunsight.


V1.3- I added knobs under the warning panels and gave the option for Nele's accurate Mig-23ML flight model.





Thanks to Armour Dave and Sal for the cockpit.


Thanks to the Mirage factory for the Mig-23ML downloadable as a pack from combatace in the pack called Mirage Factory MiG-23 "Flogger" Series.




If I forgot anyone, I appologize and please tell me.

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