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F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.5 for SF2

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F-35 A/B/C for the 2nd Generation ThirdWire sims...beta Version 2.1.


Very similar to Version 2.0, reformatted to SF2 standards with Weapons, Guns, Decals.


Also, several bugs fixed in all 3 models, including nozzle animations, carrier operations, etc.


Please contact us at CombatAce if you have issues not addressed in the readme or previous releases.


23 May 09



Version 2.2


The weapon editor for SF2 did not like the naming convention for the F-35 drop tanks. So I changed the names, edited the data.inis and now they are fixed. Also there is an avionics fix in there that goes in each versions folder as well.


Delete the old drop tanks in your SF2 weapons folder and drop these in. Then drop the data.inis and the avionics.inis in each version of the F-35 and overwrite.


F-35C sound fixed.


Various ini fixes by Crusader


Dave (USAFMTL) 29 May 2009


Version 2.3


Fixed gun naming issue.


Dave (USAFMTL) 3 Jun 2009


Version 2.4


Feb 2010 Updates By Jat


Version 2.5


Apr 2010


RWR fix


F-35A Engine Sound Fix

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there is a issiue on the cockpit of the mod.

the cockpit frame dose not fit the whole 3D modle of the plane, so we can see the 3D modle's as a glass effect which is not transparent as it works in the SF1 series.

hope it be fixed soon......

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I had the same issue, but found a simple workaround, which is to move the cockpit seat within the model slightly.

First, make a backup of your F-35_cockpit.ini file, then open that file in notepad and find this line:







Change the position to "Position=0.0,4.42,1.1" and it should look fine.

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When i use VTOL, i'm actually crashing the plane by flipping it over...

Is there anything i can do about it?

You can't Take-Off without using the A/B.

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Awesome pack...fixed most of the above...one that bugs me is...when you take off, the plane drift to the left before taking off? Anyone fix that issue?

Thanks! Highly recommend!

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