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About This File

" Fortiesboy's DM for OFF.


This second version of my DM, ( 1.1) is restricted to those planes which, ( roughly), came into the War in 1917 and 1918.

The following planes of OFF have not been modified with my DM.

Bristol Scout:


DH2: DH2-m16:

Fokker Elll :

Nieuport Nll and Nieuport N16:

Roland Cll.


Therefore when my DM mod is installed, the above planes will retain the DM of the previous DM

which you had in your OFF installation.

This may have been the Dev's Hardcore DM ( on which my DM is based ), or Prop Wasches Intermediate DM. ( Or even, the Devs Normal DM.)


I have tested by loading the Devs Hardcore DM, from my DM installation. (Their installation does not require a new bdp file ).

When I flew the sim, in QC, I clearly had the Hardcore DM in use. So that was OK, so far.

Then I installed my DM, using the installation method as described below. Then when I flew, I clearly had my Damage Modelling.

All seems OK, so, they are apparently easily interchangeable.

I have also flown my DM in a campaign flight or two, and all seems OK.


For Multiplay, see later.


Installation of Fortiesboy DM.1.1


There are now two parts to the installation procedure. First, my zip file needs to be installed.


Then, there are some bdp files within the OFF installation which need to be deleted.

Don't worry, this is a simple procedure, but necessary . It is explained further below as to why that is so.

I will give a step by step guide as to how to do this, just a bit further on.


OK- Starting with the Fortiesboy DM1.1 zip file, extract to your OFF root directory,

( usually OBDSoftware)\CFSWWl OverFlandersField\ aircraft .

EDIT- There has been a query - to make clear. extract is to the aircraft folder in CFSWWl Over Flanders Field.

(Some installs have the path as Program Files\Microsoft Games\CFSWWl OverFlanders Field.

Whichever yours is, the extract is to the aircraft folder .


(If anyone wants a step by step guide in how to extract the zip files into OFF,

please PM me and I will send it to you.)


Now to delete the .bdp files. This is how; (To those that know, please forgive me telling you how to suck eggs. But there are many who will find this guide helpful.)

1. Double click "my Computer" icon

2. Now double click "Local Disk(C:)

3. Double click the "OBDSoftware" yellow folder

4. Double click the CFSWWl Over Flanders Field folder

5. On the top line there is a folder named "aircraft". RIGHT click this folder and a list appears

6. Third down on the list is "search". Click on "search". A window appears named Search results.

7. On the left column is a place to put the cursor called "All or part of the file name". Put the cursor in there and type ".bdp" - without the quotes.Note the dot in front of the b.

8. Click on search just a little further down, and the large white space on the right will fill with text.

9. On the top menu, click on Edit and then click on Select All. The left column of the text will highlight in blue.

10. Now press the delete button on your keyboard.

11 A question comes up asking if you are certain if you want to send these 391 items to the recycle bin.

12. Answer "Yes"

13.You will briefly see files being deleted. After a few moments, move your mouse and then the text disappears from the white space.

14. That's it. Procedure complete. Close the windows .



When you fly you should now be using my DM in OFF, except in the planes listed above.

I remind you- they will be using the DMs of the previous one you had installed.


You ought to be able to go back to Prop-Wasches DM by doing the same install technique



You can then swap back and forth between our versions by doing as above.


Legal stuff- Do this at your own risk- and thanks and acknowledgement to the Devs team for their permission.



Technical explanation of why there is this two part procedure.( For those interested)

Within each aircraft folder there is a file called an xdp file. The values written into this file

are what determine the frequency and visible levels of damage.Our DMs change these values.

However, we have found that those new values of the amended xdp files are not implemented by the sim

unless another file within the aircraft folder is changed. This is called a bdp file, and this needs to be deleted.

When OFF is started up again, those bdp files are automatically re-created.

As I say, if the original DM bdp files had been left in the folder, then the new xdp values wouldn't have activated,

and you would likely still be flying the original DM.


It has been found that because this instruction to delete the bdp files was not given with our previous DM downloads,

you may not have actually seen the changes when you swapped from PW's DM to mine , and vice versa. Or when changing from

the Devs Hardcore DM to my DM.

Now you will.-lol!




We are not regular multiplayers, so there are no guarantees whether our DMs will work online, but we think they will

IF EACH PLAYER has the same xdp and bdp files.


The best way to achieve this is for each player to start with the Devs Hardcore DM installation. Then install my DM 1.1 and then delete bdp files as above.

You should then have compatible files and I can't think why it won't work.


Prop-Wasche's DM, being an Intermediate DM, alters more values than my DM, but we think it should work also, if all players are using it.



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