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Does anyone know if there are skin templates available for the default MiG aircraft?


I tried making new skins by resizing the default skins and work from there, but the result is rather blurry.


I'm working on this BTW:


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Over at Marcfighter's site he has templates for nearly all the MiGs in SF I think. You may have to go through the pages of his skins and it will on the left hand side of the page.


On the combatace home page, there's a link to his site in the top right corner.


EDIT: There we go, Soviet Templates :smile:

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Been fiddling with the 3rdW Hunter for a What If skin project...

I gotta say, the templates are pretty bad. Probably the best thing to do is size them up one step, and redraw all the panel and rivet lines.

That would at least give them a little more detail/defination



Kevin Stein

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I'd go with that Wrench says, resizing them and then using the original layers as a good guide to the new stuff to draw. Even if you only want your skins at 1024 px square size, primarily draw them at 2048 px square. This allows for potential high rez skins and better smoothing and anti-aliasing when re-sizing them down. I've used the stock templates to redraw some 3rdW aircraft and they've been great as guides. You've probably heard of this site, but it may help you if you plan to redraw the templates...



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