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In our exhaustive research we found out how to destroy the moral of the Cuban soldger.


US Command has launched several sorties to take out this high value targets!






Share this information with no one. It could cost the lives of several of our virtual pilots it this leaks out.


That is all!


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One Out-House....$3

One MK.82 Bomb....$300


The crater left after mixing toxic wastes gases with explosives....Priceless!


You better make that crater huge Gecko...I'm talking Mushroom cloud size...LMAO....Great Work...but are you just getting bored over there or was your add-on induced by alcohol?


You never cease to crack me up!!



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This is the work of two other great modders. I just put it in game.


There is other reasons why this was made. To honor the man that single handely made IL2 what it is today. So we wanted to honor him! :D

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