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  1. Heat Blur

    Here are two that I have taken on my limited time on Lomac. This is me landing the Fulcrum. I have to admit it looks cool but It will loose the novelty quickly. I hope the release provides better SA then the demo does. We will see.
  2. Speaking of scratched paint. Have you seen any weathering effects on any of the AC? From day one every bird looks like it rolled out of the paint facility that morning. Can you post us a pic of oil streaks, paint chips, or the like? :D
  3. I made and obervation and posted my thougths. Your post was fair. You stated your points, and were mature about it. I respect that and thank you for your feedback. Please see my final comment on Lo-Mac. I ended it with a positive comment. I am sure you spent countless hours on your rebuttal Seawolf. See above about mature posts.
  4. I have to agree to a point. Bad The explosions were too close in fact some were identical. Smoke was good but no wind effect. Good The action is going to be fun! :D
  5. Step away! Nothing to see here! That is not an alien it is a Beavers face reflecting off the pond below. Move along! :shock:
  6. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn Seawolf you must have the inside skinny on LoMac? You also are now a subject matter expert on Software development? Plus you and Ed are best friends? Does Carl consult you on what he should do next? You have no more info then any one of us so stop trying to be something your not. :roll:
  7. WTF is an Air Force Ranger?

    I have no idea what you just said but PJs are to be respected and there is nothing that you can say bad about the Air Force Elite Schools. I attended several and they are anything but easy. A Plt of Rangers can do a Companys amount of work? USA Rangers are first strike limited stay forces. They support SF and Delta. They cap Airfields for follow on troops. They cannot last very long with out the Air Force or Follow on forces. They are light and fast! Airborne units are armed to the teeth and have integrated assets that the Rangers do not. Ranger missions suck and I loved working with the SF a hell of allot more. They are damn good at their mission and are trained very well. As for a AF Ranger the media are a bunch of puds. I was pissed everytime they referred to the Army as Marines. Marine Apaches Marine Bradlys Marine Blackhawks Dumbasses. :)
  8. Any Grunts amoung us?

    I got burned out on OFP after building countless missions. Once Soldner comes out I am in man! :D
  9. WTF is an Air Force Ranger?

    I think there the ones that mend the wings of the birds after they strike the aircraft? Make sure that the noisy exhaust from those loud plane do not disturb the deer in the woods?
  10. Wolf_Fangs Great job on that skin! That is outstanding for your first repaint and I hope to see you do some more. May I suggest a Euro rap around? We are lacking in those. Again great job! Stop being a butt Ranger.
  11. Sony As long as you have the AC installed on both the Host and all clients you can use them in Dogfight. Coop is a diffrent story. :( This is what your talking about corret? :D
  12. striker add me to your icq list and I will be happy and welcome your help
  13. I think the whole video is a scripted AI aircraft. I could make anything happen in OFP with a few scripts. :D
  14. Yes you can. It is very slow and mind numbing work but it is totally possible. : )
  15. I think it would be a great asset for Tainted Cigar. I try to post updated screens but they fall by the wayside because of my limited hosting ability and old posts. I give it a thumbs up!

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