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Jules's first attempt at modelling a cockpit

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I figured the Kestrel VTOL needed a pit, so here goes:








Still WIP - Some instruments are not working properly and I still need to figure out what to stick on the empty panels.

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Some questions though:


ADI: Anyone know how to model it? Is it just a modeled ball with the ADI texture on it?


The panel below the UFC: I have no idea what to stick on this! Likewise with the set of panels to the right of the altimeter.


Lights: There are 4 lights on the UFC itself, where I have no idea what to use them for really. Again, suggestions be welcome.


There are a couple switches and lights intended for using the TV and Laser designator. Now, from what I can gather, they should be set as WEAPON_TYPE_SELECTOR like this, right?














What does "ItemNumber" do? I've seen it used on other cockpits that have tons of lights in them, but am unsure if this line references something in the _DATA file or not.


Also, with the Lock light, I want this to only go on when the IRM's are locked, but every such light I've seen seems to be slaved to the radar, of which the Kestrel has none. Same thing with the In Range light, which I'd want to be coupled to the laser designator. Can this be done?


Finally, on the UFC the black window is intended to have waypoint data on it like on the F-18 pit. Again, I have no idea how this works.

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Guest capun

I'll try to answer some of the questions from the little experience I have with pits. The pit masters should have the final word


- ADI can be done with a ball and a texture


- AFIK the item numbers are used to differentiate the different uses of the "TYPE" For example if you use 3 Type=OIL_PRESSURE_INDICATOR, you will have ItemNumber=1, ItemNumber=2, ItemNumber=3


The only time I think this is not true is when you are matching an external model animation ID to synchronize it with the pit AnimationID, like this in the FokkerD7








In this case the ItemNumber links to the external model AnimationID=8

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Here's a shot some skinning and modelling later:




Let me know what you think of the mirrors: Are they too small, too ugly, in the wrong place and so on?


I think I'll add a radar with TWS/ACM mode on it just to get the aforementioned lights working even thought the plane technically shouldn't have one. We'll just assume it's a 2050's piece of hyper-sensitive IRST/Laser rangefinder combo :)

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