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The ground became water

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This is the weirdest thing I noted on Germany Terrain.

When I´m on a Close Air Support mission,sometimes I start near the sea.On these "sometimes",when a bomb,missile,etc hit the ground,the effect is the same of if I hit the water!WTF?

Is Germany feeling the consequences of the global warming yet? :rolleyes:


And another 2 things I have to ask.


Can someone help me to fix the "Fishbastards"?



And from some videos and screenshots,I saw that the graphics of the game are better.

My game is on max and I have a nice graphic card,is that any graphical difference between WoV and WoE?

Or it was an effects pack?

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You are using low res skins on that Mig-21 that is why it looks the way it does.

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The first issue may have to do with how the sim defines a "shore" (as opposed to land or water), for effects purposes.


The second is easily resovable by using the proper skins and data.ini files:



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As to the water problem, it's probably caused by liquifaction. Strong impact/vibrations with a very high water table, and unstable soils will cause the water to migrate to the surface, breaking the bonding between the soil grains, forming essentially a 'quicksand' effect. It's most prevalent with sandy, loose ground or that built over landfills. Very similiar as to what happend in San Francisco's Wharf District during the Oakland quake some years back (97? 98?) where whole building (and blocks thereof) sunk up to 1-3 meters.*


The decal problem for the Fishheads is a well known, caused by the last patch, it moved the positions of all the wing insignia. As well as the pilot position and afterburner emitter.


A quick search should find you the answer, probably search for "fishbed decal fix". It may also be in the KB in the "loadout thread'. If not, let me know , and I'll get it posted.



kevin stein


*can't tell I live in Earthquake Country, huh??

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