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Universal Combat

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Hey Boys.


I found link for FREE sim game Battle Cruiser 3000AD : Universal Combat:




467MB zip file include setup instal

space on HD after instal 676 MB no CD needed !


info about game :




minmum needed:

Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, procesor 1000MHz, 128MB RAM, grafic card 32MB RAM, 1.00GB freespace on HD, 8x CDROM



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This game is actually very ambitious... in theory, it should allow you to do everything.


It turned out to be too ambitious... The game has a very steep learning curve (worsened by the lack of any tutorial in-game), and the various aspects of the game are quite... bad.


Space combat looks like a Falcon 4 in space (I'm not saying F4 is a bad game, because I have F4 and I love it). Controls are too complex to be playable, and I couldn't manage to configure my joystick for it.


Atmospheric flight is... strange. You can't control your plane with the joystick while on the ground, and in-flight it flyes in a very strange way. And I couldn't find a way to locate my enemies, so I was shot down seconds after take-off by an enemy which I didn't see or hear (actually, I didn't know there were enemies nearby...).


Probably, the worst part is infantry combat. It tries to combine the fast-paced-ness of an FPS to the damage values of Operation Flashpoint (again, I'm not saying OFP is a bad game because I love it too). Result: you wander in a wood without even knowing what you have to do (you continue receiving "Urgent Messages", but I couldn't find a way to read them), and suddenly... you're killed. Oh, BTW, you can run when you're prone... when you see that from an external view, it's hilarious! You go fast without moving any part of the body :rofl:


Also, my judgement may have been influenced by the fact I come from the FreeSpace community... which Derek Smart (the creator of UC) threatened of legal involvement when he tried to buy the FreeSpace 3 license.

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In the reviews I've read so far of it it's said that there is documentation available for download for it but I haven't spotted any yet, does anybody know of any online manuals available for downloading? I've read about 44-pages-long PDFs being available and tutorials, but haven't found much besides the demo tutorial, is the manual included in the download, or available elsewhere for download?

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