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Guest capun

Anyone familiar with the H/CH-21C Shawnee?

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Guest capun

Is anyone familiar with the H/CH-21C Shawnee, aka Flying Banana?


There are two doors on the rear of the fuselage. In this view it is painted gray




See it open now?




On the right side it is painted red




Here it is open




The question is, are those doors cargo doors or engine access doors?


I have not seen pictures of a cargo door with people or cargo coming out of the back. One picture with the doors open seems to show like an engine but the picture is too far away to be sure.


Anyone has the information?



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they seems turbine access doors, In some black and white photos the engine lower position was visible through elliptical vents near this area


Here's what I've found hope it helps !!!






Turbine detail




exhaust position

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Guest capun

Thanks X-Ray, Crusader/MJ


After more googling it certainly looks like the access hatches. I found a picture and it sort of shows the R-1820 radial engine mounted vertically.


And remember I don't paint so this is a cut and paste quickie instead of having the multicolored UVMap colors.

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