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  1. Green Hell 3.5

    Really beautiful!! Is there a way to get back the old heavy dense jungle, though?
  2. The node name trick did it perfectly. Thanks guys, now I have a decent looking A-1H!
  3. Hey guys, Is there a way to make the wing pylons of the stock A-1H/J always visible, even if not loaded with any weapon? IRL, the pylons were always mounted under the wings, empty or not.
  4. Very nice KB! You replaced the stock ejection seat by the more detailed Mk5 too!
  5. Awesome RF-8A! Is it a simple modifications of the YAP RF-8G, or a new model?
  6. There's a lot of higher res skins for the standard pilot model.
  7. Hi folks!

    Hello guys! Thought I'd just stop by and drop a little hello to my CA friends! It's been a long time since I hadn't come here, I've really dropped SFP1 this past year, and sims in general. Personnal life, work, and other hobbies have taken a big toll on my free times. But I recently managed to get back to it, and decided I should give a little head-up to all of you. Corktip
  8. Just learned about it, and it hurts badly... I just have no words to describe this feeling, I met him a couple years ago, and he was a genuinely nice guy. Goodbye Oli, you'll never be forget...
  9. Hey Mike, how are you doing mate??? I'll release it soon I think, I'll see what Monty thinks about it, and have a look if I could work on a couple more schemes, but good pictures or drawings of the nose arts are hard to find!
  10. First attempt at reskinning Monty's excellent Stinger, using his template:

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