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F-22A Global Strike Raptor

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F-22A Global Strike Raptor

F-22A Blk 20 Global Strike Raptor by the Raptor Team

Team members:

Dels – Model maker extraordinaire

Jimmybib - Skins

Jat – AIM-9X

kei nagase - Skins

Moonjumper - INI work

Starfighter – FM work

Fast Cargo - Weps Assist

CA_Stary - AB Effects

USAFMTL – Decal work and project manager.


Wpnssgt and Fubar for their start on this project.



Aircraft goes into your aircraft folder


Effects go into the effects folder


Sounds go into the sounds folder



AIM-9X bitmap goes into the weapon folder. (You must have the Jul 06 weps pack installed)


Add the drop tanks as explained in the CA Knowledge Base. Also included are the Small Diameter Bombs and the JSOW by Fast Cargo. To get the default loadouts you must installed these. We are not responsible for any problems you have by not doing so.


Adding weps link at CA





The doors don't open automatically. Use Ctrl - O

Would of loved to of had TVC. But it doesn't exist in game.

There is no opening gun door. We ran out of animation slots.

This is freeware and may not be sold. This may not be distributed to any other s sites but Column5.us and Check-six.


Anything I forgot to mention is purely unintentional.






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Thanks so much... Excellent work.......


My heartiest congratulations & humble appreciation to you & team for this great aircraft!!...


Thank you all so much once again!!



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This decal.in is for the Holloman HO skin. It fixes a ini edit mistake.

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EDIT: Nope, that didn't work lol

Guess there's more to that than simple ini edit, I actually forgot why aren't they working but now I seem to remember there was some special reason...anyway, it's not that big of a hassle to open doors right?

Edited by Brain32

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i don't have either (aim9x) or (amraam120c) data and the Jul 06 weps pack doesn't work with me , can you please post me the data of these two weapons so i can add them to weapondata .

Edited by mhmad

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