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Where to buy WOV/SF?

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Aren't both (well, SFGold, anyway) available for purchase/download over at 3rdWire.com????



kevn stein

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IMHO, the best place is Third Wire's online store found here: https://store.thirdwire.com/store.htm

These come already patched to the current revision, which is nice.


The only downside to buying SF Gold compared to the original SFP1 is the lack of the F-104G and C-130.

Third Wire released an F-104G addon that allows SF Gold owners to have the F-104G, but the file is no longer hosted at Third Wire (at least the link is no longer posted).

I can't remember, but maybe the latest version includes the F-104G?

Of course other websites like CombatAce.com keep the original addon available for those who need it.

But there is no other way to get the stock C-130 other than to get the original SFP1 CD-ROM (or the later $5 re-release version that is now out of print as well).

It can be difficult to find a used copy of the original because there are a lot of copies of the infamous "Walmart" release still floating out there that cannot be patched and are woefully incomplete/buggy compared to the current version.


So, I still say for both WOV and SF Gold, the online store downloads are the way to go.

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the other good thing about the download is that TK gets all the cash from it which helps finance the next games.

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